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Corona corona light or ninety calorie corona premier at your favorite, Cinco de mayo hang out and retailers. Find your favorite designers that our biggest savings dream Macy's friends and family get extra ten to thirty percent savings store wide with your Macy's card or pass. Plus fifteen percent off beauty purchases with your past springs styles. Perfect gifts. Mother's day and more expert ten to thirty percent savings for friends and family now through Sunday savings off regular prices. Exclusions apply. Macy's star rewards now. Offers benefits everyone could enjoy no matter how they pay. Visit Macy's dot com slash Dr rewards wanna know my secret to make a great looking lawn last even longer all it takes is a second feeding of Scotts turf builder long food with a simple second. Feeding. Your Los lawn is here to stay because a second feeding of Scott's reinvigorates law by providing nutrients, which helps prevent Browning and withering as the weather war by green grass isn't going anywhere. This is Scots yard pickup. Scuffed her builder loan food today. Welcome to Sherwin Williams. Hi there. I heard paints or thirty percent off if and stains to right here. Only your neighborhood Sherwin Williams store right now. Well, April twenty fifth through twenty nine. Bring it in. I'm a big hugger. It's cool. Ask Sherwin Williams April twenty fifth through twenty nine th and save thirty percent on paints and stains with sale prices starting at twenty six ninety four only at your local Sherwin Williams store retail sales only some exclusions apply. See store for details. Mornings with Katie on a number one hit music station. Sonos seven five. While to prepare the trip into the wheel danger bees. Volta me negative nepotism. Never been paying for the end at times everybody hoping that could be the bone. Win. Face me. Me. Due to do. Give them the boom. Debatable wanna be invisible to them. I use a commodity that needs to be the poem. If it being. The bone. Due to district goal might be the better goal pathetic little worker, not something that I'm proud of out of the box and bucks to World Vision. We lost the moon apostrophe. I'm just I'm just a product system test. First base. Season. We stock. Bye. I do. Dude. Jared and Katie morning one. Oh, seven five, Casey. You're gonna listen up..

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