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In the book says tis the law first New York bred to win the Belmont Stakes since eighteen eighty two Forrester did it way back when the first tool the Triple Crown goes to the overwhelming favorite I don't know what the odds were when they broke when they open up the gates it might have been even as low as three to five as a lot of elite money was pouring in on tis the law and a beautiful ride by Manny Franco as the race set up tap into when would Johnny Velasquez broke to the front as we expected as we talk to mark Cassie about as we talked with Anthony's to Beal about and went twenty three and change forty six and change and then on the on the far turn tis the law tracking third the entire way for life provided a little bit of pace pressure for tap into when he wasn't exactly able to get clear like he was in his preparation for this amount of sixteen sixteen days ago and M. tis the law many Franco tracking in third rolled up with them without many Franco even asking the talented three year old son of constitution for anything that opened up up in the stretch and one by daylight I think doctor post ended up finishing in second and the race closed out in one forty six for the distance attends the Los four of five doctor post second Max player third and then the ten pneumatic coming in fourth so there you have it many Franco first career win in a Triple Crown race a talented talented rider won his first breeders Cup race last fall last November and now wins his first Triple Crown race and it was a beautiful ride Barclay Tagg attendance the owners the second token stables watching the race up the beautiful Saratoga springs as you saw on NBC and brilliant I mean utterly brilliant and we talked about it it was going to take a lot to beat him I was trying to and I did try to beat him which happened to weigh and I thought maybe going from pillar to post from opening gate to the close as in bell I thought happens when an opportunity to take up all the way in maybe it was a little bit too quick of a turnaround the sixteen days but certainly at the top of the stretch to the law coming in fresh last time we saw him Wayne was in March at the at the Florida derby at Gulfstream park and blown away in the stretch a tremendous performance it really was good performance you feel good for Barclay Tagg you feel great for the owners of Sackets over stables it's great here a New York event that a New York bred when's it first time since eighteen eighty two for tis the law the break in between races meant nothing did it in a very very good time did it very stylishly as well this afternoon and now exactly we'll see tis the law next probably seven weeks from now up at Saratoga for the traverse but we'll definitely see on the first Saturday in September for the Kentucky Derby and everyone's that and right now he's the he's got to stay healthy obviously but he is the best three year old in America no question about it and a tour de force performance this afternoon at Belmont Park different no doubt about eighth not a mile and a half certainly different but still impressive nonetheless and it was a good race and honestly run race there were no issues whatsoever but as I mentioned Barclay Tagg attendance he's an elder statesman he's been a long time trainer and it's had a lot of success and he certainly first career Belmont Stakes win for him and a nice performance by his three year old and what was it what has been a really good day going into the Belmont a couple minutes before post time I saw the handle this afternoon was a tad over thirty one million dollars which is amazing and you've seen the sport of thoroughbred racing even in these you know sad depressing unprecedented times going through the global pandemic that we have the lack of sports the one thing we've seen is you know people do have a lot of appetite where they want to bat and they want to gamble and the sport of thoroughbred rye racing has provided an ability to scratch that itch and you've seen handle op at smaller tracks a big tracks all across the country and today in what was a a pretty good car I think there were six or seven graded stakes on the card Belmont Park at a really good afternoon eve would nobody in attendance and a New York bred comes home stylishly to win the Belmont Stakes the hundred fifty second running of the Belmont Stakes and and that is going to be a big headline here moving forward and we'll see exactly if you can stay healthy and he can stay on the track on it maybe as an opportunity to have a really really special twenty twenty and maybe when all four the Belmont the Travers the derby and then close it out down in Baltimore at Pimlico and the Preakness Stakes in early October fun afternoon at Belmont it is always great is great is great and even though my horse lost what you what gets you into the sport of thoroughbred racing is you want to watch great performances enters the law put on a great show today and did a pretty stylishly and wanted a workman like time and did a very very impressively and that's exactly what you want to see everything that we talked about over the last two hours played out in Newton's law was going to be very very difficult to beat I thought maybe where the track was planes happened to win could take them all the way on the front end that didn't play out maybe the quick turnaround he did have much gas he ended up finishing fifth in the race not embarrassing himself but still did not have the closing kick or the Finnish study showed you sixteen days ago it had over two weeks ago and his the loft Manny Franco gave him a brilliant ride here's where you get Barkley tag a lot of credit he stuck with a jockey where he clearly could have taken off from home a couple races back when he had a when many Franco gave him a bad ride at Churchill Downs he stuck with Manny Franco and Franco paid off with what was a brilliant tactical ride this afternoon lying to the track as well not falling too far off of it sitting just right off of the lead which he did he was second third down the backside when they hit the far turn for law for life falls out of it and then Manny Franco rolls right up alongside happened to win and rolls on bye and and opens his arms up in the lane and the horse absolutely exploded great performance great performance and watch a thoroughbred in full flight down the stretch is a beautiful thing to see so congratulations to the owners it's seketika stables to Barclay Tagg to Manny Franco as a true New York event a little bit different and they tried to give me a little touch of the feel the fans.

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