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Florida, Broward County, Rod Rosenstein discussed on The Steve Dahl Show


Department of justice under rosenstein a mckay later before that major uh uh army major a the dow his son had been in contact directly without caught a terrorist our lockie and many others and they declined to investigate him a congressional probe found that the fbi had failed to alert the us army about assan that the shooting could and should have been prevented he killed 13 brave american soldiers about to be deployed to iraq because the fbi cleared hassan who went on to kill american soldiers brave american soldiers in 2013 the boston bombing under the leadership of andrew mccain and rod rosenstein dean and by that point mollaret just left the fbi america was notified by russia that those are native brothers or terrorist and that they were going to commit an act of mass terror in america of course an fbi led taskforce questioned the future terrorists and murderers and the fbi cleared them so the fbi cleared lee harvey oswald they cleared indirectly by inaction nicholas crews they cleared dylann roof they kill it cleared omar mateen they cleared army major nidal hassan they cleared those are native brothers in fact one might ask the best way to predict a future terrorist or massmurderer is that the fbi interview somebody and guess what they get cleared i don't want to be cleared by the fbi and this is a constant difficulty because the fbi consisting of about thirty four thousand agents are completely utterly overwhelmed investigating a relevant stuff like the russian collusion delusion and not investigating important stuff like the boston marathon bombing like the fort hood shooter like omar mateen like dylann roof and like nicolas tsa cruise they were so overwhelmed they could not do their job every part of government failed with crews every part the federal government failed through the fbi the state children's protective service in florida cleared nicolas crews and said no difficulty broward county knew or should have known the sheriff's department there and they cps thirty nine visits then he committed numerous felonies including carrying weapons to school including bullets including fights including grande theft including bunch of other stuff but broward county had a policy with the school that they would stop the classroom to prison pipeline because that's what obama won it so i look at this and so now instead of dealing with the inactions.

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