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If Iran attacks Americans or American sites the US will hit many running insights of cultural importance if that happens it may be a war crime under the Geneva Conventions protocol one congressional Democrats are not regretting so the money's death but they say his assassination is thrown the Middle East into turmoil and peers Susan Davis says Democrats are seeking to respond speaker Pelosi announced late last night that the house is going to vote this week on a resolution that would limit trumps authority for further military action against Iran the exact terms of the resolution aren't clear yet they haven't released the text of it but it's gonna be sponsored by Michigan Democrat Alyssa Slotkin she's a freshman from a swing district and she's a former analyst for the CIA NPR's Susan Davis reporting more than a year after his death the cache of private files of a prominent Republican operative are no public his daughter publish them online these could reveal political re districting schemes to give Republicans greater political power and be ours Hansi low Wong reports Thomas Hafiz daughter Stephanie found it's hard drives after he died in twenty eighteen to turn over to attorneys for a lawsuit over political maps Thomas how for help draw in North Carolina as the court recently found those maps be Jerry Mander to unfairly benefit Republicans simply Haussler says she wants more people they dig through copies of her father's files as she uploaded to the hustler files dot com his work is really having a profound effect and has had long before anybody really notice on a broader level Stephanie how far says if she can access any other files in the future she plans to share them on too long in care news New York Australian authorities say at least twenty five people are now dead from devastating wildfires and peers Jason Beaubien reports from Sydney New South Wales state with no went to the blazes in sight Australia's government is creating a new agency to fund rebuilding efforts prime minister Scott Morrison says the national bushfire recovery agency will provide funds to help fire ravaged communities rebuild infrastructure restore wildlife habitats and jump start businesses the government is allocating two billion Australian dollars or roughly one point four billion US dollars to the new agency it is an initial commitment and a third of the funds are required food the refunds will be provided the new funding is not just for the areas affected by these current fires noting that there are still months to go in Australia's traditional fire season Morrison says the money will also be available to communities hit by additional blazes that are predicted to calm Jason Beaubien NPR news Sydney you're listening to NPR news from Washington live from KQED news I Brian white San Jose congressman roe kana and Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have introduced a bill to block funding for military force against Iran without congressional authorization kana and Sandor said in a statement that their measure is about ensuring the federal government invest in the needs of the American people not spend trillions more on endless wars your proposal is designed to block the Pentagon from accessing money for actions called for by president trump against Iran without first getting authorization from Congress in Oakland city council member is proposing changes to police policy in response to the death of a Mont Clair resident after the theft of his laptop at a Starbucks kick you with these Kate wolf has more at the Montclair farmers market district four councilmember shank how is meeting with constituents community members say they're concerned about crime after the death of sure Zhang a research assistant who was killed last week trying to retrieve his laptop from two thieves the council member thinks officers assigned to patrol Montclair are too often called to help in other parts of the city she's proposing a policy that would insure their consistently.

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