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It was a sham that was picked up by the mainstream media and they ran from here to Sunday and back with it over and over and over again to drive home some narrative that really Donald Trump was nothing but a Russian spot. In fact, if you look at all the clips from from after the election and I won't bore you with more Hillary Clinton sound bites, but I was always struck by her saying sort of the Russians. The Russians did it, right? He wasn't really our president. And don't forget that narrative that came out immediately after he won, not my president. Remember how many people in the Democrat party? I mean, we're talking representatives in Congress, Maxine waters comes to mind, not my president, was their narrative, like getting it. You know what? Look, I have a healthy respect for everybody wanting to honor their own candidates, but I'm sorry, you can't sit there and say not my president, I mean, bottom line, the president of the United States is the president of the United States. I'm reminded of this because I remember growing up summers. I was a lucky kid, you know, for sort of middle class kid from New Hampshire. We had a place up in Maine, Kenny bunk main. Kenny bunk beach Maine during the summer and I remember being there as a kid with my grandmother who was a staunch Democrat. And we lived one Peninsula over from walker's point, which was the Peninsula that the Bush family had, and that was the Bush family compound. And I remember that the president used to come by on his boat because he was good friends, childhood friends with somebody who lived nearby me on our little Peninsula of which there were many houses. We didn't have the whole thing like they did. Anyways, he come by on his boat and my grandmother who really had a hard time standing at that time. She would struggle to get up out of her chair, she'd do it every single time, and she'd give a big wave and I remember looking at her and saying, well, Graham, you know, he's a Republican. And you're a Democrat. You make it very clear how much you don't like Republicans, right? And she looked at me and she said, Trish. He is the president of the United States of America. And I always wave honor, respect. The president of the United States of America and I was just a kid, but you know what? I took that in. And I think that's always been relevant to me. So it really irritated me when I saw those Democrats out there saying not my present with Donald Trump because at that point they really showed no respect for the office. But I'm going to tell you they went even further than that. They wouldn't even further because they suggested all this garbage was true. In fact, it's all coming out right now because of John Durham's trial, Michael sussman, who is the guy who the lawyer, who actually was working on behalf of the clintons and GPS fusion GPS and the whole, lot of them. Who took those claims about Donald Trump that so called dossier that frankly read like a total piece of opposition research, I mean, it should have been in star magazine or something. Anyway, if anybody like read it, which I did, it was quite obvious. It couldn't actually be credible. It wasn't written in any kind of credible way. Anyway, he took this thing to the FBI, which initially dismissed it, right? Because a logical person would, and yet he was pretty persistent, he said he was not acting on behalf of any client, which is why he's in hot water right now with Durham, and yet it turns out he seemed to have been working according to prosecutors, I should qualify that because prosecutors have since presented evidence that mister sussman was actually working with cyber researchers and the opposition research firm fusion GPS to produce all these claims on behalf of Clinton campaign and then to go and feed them to the FBI. So all this starts coming out, the FBI initially allegedly wasn't that interested, but eventually decided it was worth pursuing and that got leaked. I mean, what complete total mess. So we wound up with the whole Mueller investigation. In other words, we got on this path because of political dirty tricks. I mean, if this doesn't tell you how disgusting the whole political world is, and certainly the Hillary Clinton camp that engaged in this disgusting, pathetic, frankly dangerous behavior. I don't know what does. Because she okayed this. So according to her campaign manager, this all again came out in the trial, she was like, A-okay,.

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