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That is. We celebrate. Legendary band growth. You know, who was born in April, and he would have been sixty eight years old. And we celebrate the fabulous legend, Mr. Luther Vandross. And we celebrate Mr. Louie Vega who with his production, which is brand new for twenty nineteen where he did the remix of body with Luther Vandross, and you know, he met Vandross to a good friend five thought in the late nineteen ninety s and his production partner. Kenny dope kansallis, and he were asked to co write some music and the rest is history. He was asked to co write producer track for upcoming album. And you know, when when they met they've flow like butter, and they all went into studio created a dance track. Call are you using me? You know, and. You know, on April twenty nineteen they, you know, Louis Vegas, celebrating the new release of this song my body perform recorded by none other than legend and king of Rb, Mr. Luther Vandross, and it was never released. This was never released and was recorded back in nineteen seventy nine by Luther Andrus when he was working on the colossal album never too much. So Louis Vega. Basically took this song and brought it back to life. And I thought it was hot and pop and make sure you support Mr. Louie Vega by going to track source in purchasing by body is considered so full house music, and I'm going to leave you with something sweet for the weekend. By this legendary lady who would've been seventy years old and her name is miss Phyllis Hyman. And you know, there's something coming up that's going to be celebrating. Celebrating miss Phyllis Hyman coming up so celebrating her seventy of birthday, which will be coming up in the summer in July. But we celebrate miss Phillips Hyman who was a singer songwriter and actress and phenomenal sing can sing anything because sing jazz blues. Swing. You name it that was miss Phillips. Hi, I'm going to leave you with a classic. That was done originally by the stylistics done Philistines way in to me it just through this song into the into another stratosphere betcha by golly. And with her being accompanied by Mr. Norman Connors, and this is a bowl of so. This

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