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Morning as the 29th of November, we've got sun for this morning, but clouds later on in our high temp today near 55. Good morning to you, I'm Joan Jones. And I'm Bruce Allen to hear the top local stories we're following for you this hour. One of the two people who was on board that small plane when it crashed into a power transmission tower in Montgomery village has now been released from the hospital the other remains hospitalized this morning, investigators are still looking into what caused the crash, but we now have the surprisingly calm 9-1-1 calls from the 66 year old pilot. Pilot Patrick Merkel telephoned Montgomery county 9-1-1 to say he had flown into a tower. Believe it or not, the aircraft is tend in the tower. The pilot feared the plane could slip free from the tower's grasp and fall to earth. We can slide backwards and have absolutely nothing to protect us going down. Passenger Janet Williams pleaded for a swift rescue, and the 9-1-1 call taker offered encouraging words. They're moving as fast as they can. Okay, they're going to get up to you guys. Emergency personnel checked with the crash victims by phone every 30 minutes. Particularly on WTO P news. Well, it's the last chance for Maryland drivers who have unpaid video tolls to catch a break on late fees. If you want to save some money, now is the time to check whether you have any unpaid video tolls on your record in Maryland. The state has been allowing drivers who have late fees on their unpaid tolls to pay the tolls without having to pay the late fees, but that deal ends at the end of the day tomorrow, so if you wait until Thursday, you will have to face those late fees. It's discontinuing the escalation of unpaid tolls and civil penalties through November 30th. Maryland transportation secretary James port says drivers have been given a break in order to help people who faced late fees on tolls that accrued during the height of the pandemic. Nikai nelli WTO news. The average price of gas nationwide has dropped for the third straight week to three 52 a gallon yesterday, according to gas buddy, concerns that China's tough COVID restrictions will slow demand for gas for helping drive down prices. We think China will probably get its act together somewhere in the first quarter and that may fortify crude oil prices, but you probably have a period here of about 90 days where you're going to see very, very cheap gas. That's Tom closer, global head of energy analysis for the oil price information service, he says in our region. Prices are going to be dropping very rapidly. By Christmas, he expects the national average price to fall below last year's average of three 29 a gallon. Michelle bash WTO news. Well, the Thanksgiving leftovers have been consumed and hours have

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