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The death of Eric garner back in two thousand fourteen is not the end of the story now the civilian complaint review board will look at the case and then the final decision will be made by police commissioner James o'neill members of the garner family gathered at the national action network in Harlem this morning to demand that officer Pantaleo loses job emerald snipes garner is Eric garner's daughter he said there is no excuse for her father's death and they and the PVA about to fight and the decision to fire him a popular southern California surfing beach has closed after a deadly cliff collapse and tons of sandstone down on the beach goers correspondent Kaylee Hartung has more from the scene on the beach you can see chairs and surfboards and shoes left behind after people rush to escape the crumbling hill side some even using their hands to try to pick up that rubble and debris with five people trapped beneath but officials were on the scene within four minutes they closed part of a major freeway nearby the one a one to land a life flight helicopter for those critically injured one woman died here on the beach to others succumb to their injuries at the hospital police in el Paso Texas are beginning to investigate a mass shooting at a Walmart store details are still being put together but local sources say multiple.

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