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At remax dot net interesting enough I think wouldn't rules one of those areas while its proximity to four or five into Redmond and to you know to the east side it's very you know overseas right there but wouldn't bill stretches out a long ways because all goes almost all the way to do all right but there's great role private properties out that the answer is to stay living in your still closed everything you know twenty within twenty minutes of with Amazon town Redmond or way Kerry out on Avondale I think that's a it's a fantastic area to live our agree you know in a and the most those areas you have a notional school districts as well so great schooling looks like a great properly they really is amazing what she's done she's an internet sensation this gallon just amazing what she's done and what the property and just beautiful country living so again with a new loan limits all those properties actually will qualify for the high balance loan with five percent down we think about that you can get a probably for three quarters of a million dollars full fight for five percent and who better to call the new Chris to have you help them with their financing and make walk people through such a you know a lot of documents someone I you're so good at it yeah and the earlier the better yeah I mean it's not going to buy for a year you need to call then why is because you can help people you know deuce tweak certain things to get their credit up and get better price right so the credits it's also the assets you know if you're putting money aside in full putting money down it you know everybody complains about the old gosh they want my first bowl draw and all that it's only because of the fact as multiple dot you know one document can lead to another document can lead to another document especially if you move money around between accounts and you could warn them about that because that happens a lot where people transfer money they don't realize it and if they're talking to you but I had a time they won't have a nightmare closing well we want to keep it simple we'll talk a little bit more about that maybe in the next segment folks the number to the show's eight full full talk one on one right now when you come in and switch to T. mobile you get the amazing iPhone eleven pro on us iPhone tennis traded aren't these mountains majestic joke are you even looking I'm posting these amazing pics I took with my iPhone Levin pro it has three cameras whoa those picks are amazing and you have service to T. mobile their new single goes farther than ever before then you can look up whether these are bear tracks right where we could just run going to.

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