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Of people let cetera these things that have really that seemed to have worked on the ground. Now, we may debate about the quality of services provided, but on the ground, I think there has been much more than what critics have given credit full these peace seem to have reached a people, but in specific constituencies, but I happen to be talking do you know, the person who's of heads at home, and in daddy, and she said she would go back to home invest, Bengal to boot, and we generally chatting ASTA will devote flying. She said, of course, moldy, of course BJP, and of course, she was using saying both the NB together. So she knew me the man. She also knew the party and we said, why because West Bengal is not traditional JV sort of Dan, she said, whether they've given us holes given us joy. It's provided us credit and these three things in that although seem to be working for her seem to have worked in Mantilla's Makiko just mentioned, perhaps, worked in many parts of moving could you just explain briefly the significance of, of the result in Westman golden as you said, West, Bengal doesn't historically BJP stronghold. Yes. West Bengal has historically bid stronghold of the list of full since the nineteen seventies left from ruled west. Bengal uninterruptedly for thirty five years in two thousand eleven the left was dislodged from its preeminent position by a visa potty state specific body, led by Mamata Banerjee. Joe Bengal has been the stoop, body state, which, you know, where the conflict the competition has been between the left and Mamata Banerjee in these elections. The BJP seems to have broken that too. Buddy system. It's completely dislodged left from West Bengal, politics together, on the month, banner bandages sort of electoral position remains strong, the BJP's, demolished left, and has emerged as the challenger investing goal. And I think in some ways this reflects the stage that the in, in the of, of India, where they've really sort of main inroads into constituencies into areas. Fanta, did not have a presence before demolishing a lot of the parties of that in Bihar, which is among India's poorest states, but also stayed that sends a significant number of representatives, we've seen this probation, which is India's largest editor state, so to speak. Where we, it's a relation of regional bodies that had promised to take on the BJP together. But, you know, when you look at the vote shares the Bs one, these massive chess leading a complete decimation of the reason bodies across the north. It's really being a huge command slides, and we're going to see a second term of, of the J P ruling as a majority in government, moving on now to kind of what we what we can expect to see over the next five years, and the significance of this of this vote. I mean perhaps, we could just thought by asking Nikita house can efficient. You think it is that we are returning to another majority in the nine days of seem like the Adra of one. Fifty was over and economic writing about this thing that time of coalitions, and many of us that relations warm,.

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