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By way but that of the true they're they're not depicting the true reality of the real world that exist out there yet know blank sherlock might my wife um was watching something one night a few weakens the go i think it was called the christmas train we know the star that movie danny glover yahya yet you know who the hero when that movie once you break good point danny glover yeah i'm not going to give it away no no but that no that's why he are order that movie was danny glover that's one of the new movie and you write it i'm i think it was new this year because i think we're i saw the promo code word i think it's new this year right uh yes it is in oakland this year um it look because for me it's all left conferring the air me it's all aren't movies and golf perrais yet defa this time of year definitely white cheer right but i actually but i was watching when tiger played so that might give me that might give me a temporary right asks yet talk about one of the biggest names in the game ever right one of the greatest success story well but he's not really why urged his can write he's not really black exactly well and that's why i mean danny glover uh oh by the way a surprise to see him and and phnom joan uh q sack was also in that one yet uh and we know you know just do a very very conservative oh yes god trump i mean can you frighten cannot at egger supporter and uganda lover no you get more far left than danny glover it's it's impossible now it's some it's absolutely you well back in the day when he was still alive hugo chavez after meeting him at a while that dudes us social man um yeah but the movie itself and now just day was this this this it's it's exactly what it's.

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