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Jason ISAACs of the OS says he's pleased with its unexpected success. This thing that lost you that whole advertising campaign without, and they went, you know what this is put on the seven that will find it. And it became this huge, huge. Huge coach. I'm stopped in the St. Isaac's on the today show. He's fifty six showtimes, acclaim series, billions was just renewed for a fifth season, starring Paul Giamatti complete with facial hair. This guy felt like I needed to look a little bit more intense a little bit more masculine yet. So I grew up here. My face definition without at my face. Just looks like a soccer ball Gimondi on late night with Seth Meyers, he's fifty two and actress Sandra Bernhardt has guest starred in the FX series, pose, and returns as a regular starting next month. She plays on the program, which is set in nineteen ninety during the HIV aids crisis. You think I want to do something to make these people feel more comfortable when they're on their way out? We are understaffed and overworked miss thing, Bernhardt, sixty four and that's our birthday round up for June sixth. I'm Bob Kessler. The Mickey of the new JAMES BOND film is proving to be dangerous. Undertaking. AP entertainment, editor, Oscar wells Gabriel reports the productions been marred by another injury for the second time in less than a month. There has been a mishap while making the twenty fifth installment of the bond movie franchise, the film's Twitter page, says this time it was an explosion, onset a crew. Member was slightly injured and part of the stage damage at a studio near London last month shooting was delayed after bond star Daniel Craig hurt. His. Foot while performing a stunt in Jamaica. He had to have minor ankle surgery that require two weeks of rehab at the time. The studio said the movie release of next April would not be affected musk. Wells gabriel. Optimism, even as there is no deal, yet van President Trump's threatened tariffs. I'm Tim Maguire of the AP news minute, vice President Mike Pence secretary state. Mike Pompeo now the Trump administration officials wrapped up their first meeting with Mexico's foreign secretary Marcela. Brad head of President Trump's threatened terrace tells reporters at the Mexican embassy in Washington. He's confident an agreement can be reached as talks continue, our we are going to the talks. So does what you hope to me. Trump is demanding Mexico. Do more about her tailing the influx of migrants at the border last month. Some one hundred thirty three thousand people cross the border into the US many them families from Central America centers for disease control and prevention says this year's measles, outbreak has topped one thousand cases, the highest twenty seven years, ten years ago. There are fewer than one hundred cases a year outbreak has been concentrated in communities, where parents refused. Vaccinate their children. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news. Back in a moment..

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