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Is valid until September thirtieth so check them out now visit them at nationwide vision dot com or at one eight hundred I care extravagant dated seven twenty K. long as radio WFLA okay there's a thing on there was in USA today is morning actors on I think the front page here but talking about where the most red lights are run people running red lights wow and not waiting on him to turn green and it was an intersection in New Orleans which is number one in boulder Colorado north Miami beach in laurel Maryland Tampa was number five and it was east bound east Hillsborough Avenue at north twenty second street huh and they say it's along a major commercial strip near the campus of one technical college yeah hello I agree do it about three times a week. our drive through there and I see it happening all the time people running the red line running the red even I even so once were guy fell asleep in the turn lane all. I was a cop on just sitting there waiting for him to wake up and then busted in the fort worth is six Knoxville has the sevens and number eight is a new port Richey intersection yeah or that northbound U. S. nineteen at trouble creek road and that was a major okay well that's where we've got that accident right now is based not on US nineteen but it's set to a little little road and trouble creek. yeah that's we got an accident there right now they ran into the but the power poles there knock those out I have to fix those two amazing out of that out of ten cities all across the United States.

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