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House Eliza Circle Liz Oh my God we're here we're not doing city is stone anymore is a new era of defenders of the night. Except for this is clearly city of stone part five, we're going to get into it today we're covering gargoyles season two episode thirteen high noon. Yeah. I was expecting cowboys. I was expecting Westerns did not get any of that? No not at all. Elizabeth. This episode aired September Twenty Fifth Nineteen Ninety five it was directed by Dennis J woodyard have we seen him before we have not it was written by Cary Bates do you remember cary? Bates I do buy your little handy note cary Bates wrote Episode Two oh six, the silver afoul clan. Now I just assumed that cary bates kind of had one lane. You know I don't know why because he's only written one episode that's not fair for me to judge but he proves to us that he can ruin other genres well. Did we like this Silver Falcon, the I remember that episode I just don't remember my feelings on it I feel like we both thought it was a decent. Yeah. It was fine. That's kind of felt about this one spoilers. Oh, I had to increase my font size in my notes because I couldn't yell loud enough with bold all caps. Oh Wow. There are a lot of caps holy shit. All right I'm excited. Listeners that was quite a preview and you know this is usually the place where we beg and plead for more five star ratings and reviews. So we're going to do that now. Yeah listeners. Enjoying the show and I don't know maybe even if you're not enjoying the show though while you're listening I, don't understand. But whatever please take the time to give us those bang and ratings and reviews we need hanging come on. Well. Now, with that out of the way I suppose we need to begin discussion of high new. Okay. So I think that it starts off pretty poorly we start in the D. Cue brain scape you remember the old Deke Brands Gape, right? Yeah. The main palace coup in four. Loko. are just been little snugly romantic motherfuckers. This is true until earring gargoyles shows up to be a DICKHEAD. I. Like how immediately says nothing come between us now and then scary earing guy is just like Ma- ear. And he doesn't say anything no. Apparently, they did something that he can't actually touch with them anymore. Oh, is that your read on it because I was just like why? Why can't t come between you now? He's they're being annoying. Yeah. He's like a fly the you can't get rid of for sure Boston around like a Dick okay. And that's that scene. He just he's like Nah I'm here go away. He's like, no. Hearing. Anyway yes. Okay we. Leave there and go to the clock tower where Lexington's just sticking around with de Cue's little computer. Yeah. It's one of those slow beginnings of an episode everybody's hanging out like you said Lexus hacking the I don't know at Broadway they're reading the newspaper together it's really fucking They're reading to each other. It's very sweet. Broadway gets stuck on the word, right? Okay. There's a couple constant clusters in there that I could see like being confused about. What Liz you go at your own pace okay. Well everyone's Chillan. Dream Boat shows up. She's so sue epee okay. I got a little annoyed with this. She just kept fucking yawning and Yanni and being like arm tired I'm like, okay. Go to bed. Dude. League. Why did you come up? Here is a long way to come. You don't have to go see them every time they're awake. Well, you know what? She brought some books for Lexington because he studying computer viruses because he's trying his damnedest to get dijk you up and running again I've got clip because it really describes how I feel these days the virus that attack Colston wiped his programming clean nothing's broken but nothing's working either. It's a blank slate even the virus gone ever feel like that is. Just like the model for twenty. Twenty. Yeah. So I thought it was weird that lex said he wasn't detecting anything going on in D.C brain because we just saw inside the brain scape like something's happening why can't he detect that? Well, it's says something about magic I guess the magic is working but the computer stuff isn't Really Lazy explanation. There are a few really lazy explanations in this episode but. I guess if that's how we're going to get through to the next scene share. Fine. Okay. Yeah. I also thought it was weird that lex thinks that he can build an os like he's a computer programmer now. Mod like Olympic system what would we do? What are we saying about Lexington here? It's always so convenient how he happened magically no. Whatever system it is that he suddenly needs. Maybe that's it Liz. You just explained it without even realizing it's magic. It's magic that he knows technology. Yeah. I'm we got two guys over here. They can barely read Lexington knows how to program computers now, right? Okay. So. Everyone's feeling sweep because the sun's about to come up. So Dream Boat She's like I gotTa head home I'm GonNA catch some Z's no she what she say I'm GonNa hit the hey, hit the yeah. I think she says hit the Hay and Hudson has feelings about that. I still don't understand colloquialisms. We don't have those in my native tongue. Oh English like. The. Dudes they all go outside and here's something that it's taken me like fifteen or so episodes to think about but. Why don't they stay inside the clock tower? This building isn't used to having gargoyles so it wouldn't be a shock to Nazi gargoyles up there. and. Wouldn't it be safer if they were hidden away inside the building delay time you think I'm way too late to be making this revelation because they've been living here for quite some time. But when it hit me yesterday when I was watching this what the Goddamn in what the fuck I was really mad about. It's not safe out there guys. They're just worried for their wellbeing I. Am I mean, I. Don't know how tall building is. It's definitely not as tall as Santos Tower, which was also weird that they were doing all their poses up there I think that was more than just used to it right? Like that's how they live in that castle. That's fair. That's totally fair but you, Gotta Figure it's a couple hundred feet from the top of the clock tower to the ground below no one can even really see them right right. I don't know man I got really hung up on it I. Mean You could see in my notes that was all caps I'm like no go inside. It's dangerous out there I. Think you were just in a mood when you were watching this. All right. So they're doing their cool poses they turn to stone whatever we get it. Liz Down Below street level dream boat comes outside she starts chatting up with officer. Morgan. You know officer he's our human stand in for Goliath. Yeah. They're talking about how tired she is. She needs to go home and get some sweep. And then a rookie cop walks by a very suspicious looking rookie cop something about her seems familiar. Did you pick up right away who it was? Oh identified but I don't think I was looking at her as much as I don't even know what I was paid attention to the screen by saw suspicious woman maybe Fox is back she's alive and safe. That would have been a good guests. Yeah. I didn't clock who the PERP was that she was walking in immediately. Yeah, which. SEEN HIS BELT I should've I didn't notice any of that. He was just huge. Dude. So this rookie cop that we don't know we don't know who she is red hair red had. Yeah. She's walking in a big old perp with his hands cuffed in front and Dream Boat decides to go inside instead of going home she goes.

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