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This is the news. In brief from the united nations. The international community should urgently show support for millions of vulnerable afghans who face perhaps their most perilous our the un secretary general said on monday leading the appeal in geneva for some six hundred million dollars to support emergency humanitarian aid across afghanistan. And tony guitarist said that. Even before the taliban takeover last month people were in the grip of one of the worst crises in the world one into afghans do not know whether next meal is coming from the un chief explained adding that many people could run out of food by the end of the month just as winter approaches the flash appeal for food lifesaving interventions and essential healthcare including matanal. Healthcare comes against a backdrop of deep concern. That women's rights are under threat from afghanistan's new rulers. Speaking at the human rights council in geneva on monday high commissioner for human rights. michelle bachelet stressed. the extent of the humanitarian and economic crisis in afghanistan it had entered a new and perilous face. She maintained many. Afghans will also profoundly concerned that a human rights particularly women ethnic and religious communities specialists comments followed a warning from her office. Oh chr that whips. Batons and live ammunition have been used on peaceful protesters in the last week. Unauthorized assemblies have been banned and telecommunications companies have been told to cut the internet on mobile phones in specific areas of kabul h h ward last friday ballooning to those concerns at the high level conference in geneva the un secretary general highlighted the need for food lifesaving interventions and essential health care for the people of afghanistan and he insisted that robust mechanisms have been established to coordinate humanitarian efforts that were anchored in human rights. The un atomic watchdog has reached an agreement with iran following access to surveillance cameras at the country's nuclear facilities. The deal was struck during a visit to ceram. By the head of the international atomic energy agency rafael marianna grassi. It said during constructive talks with the deputy of iran's nuclear program muhammed islami. It was agreed that new memory cards would be installing cameras that monitor the country's nuclear program the existing calls sharing iranian activity at its main nuclear site so be sealed and kept in around the ea said in a joint statement. On sunday the development comes ahead of a meeting of the i. e. as governing panel. This week it could avert the formal censure of iran for failing to cooperate with an investigation into traces of uranium found at undeclared nuclear sites. Katie dartford un news..

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