Donald Trump, Dr Paul Simon, President Biden discussed on Bill Handel


Rob Newton as the news Former President Trump's second impeachment is moving forward. The House will send the accusations against Trump to the Senate tomorrow. It is a single article of impeachment, accusing Trump of inciting the insurrection at the U. S. Capitol on January. 6th trial begins two weeks later. California representative Eric Swalwell is one of the Democratic members of Congress who will prosecute Trump He had You know four knowledge of what they would do if summoned, and once they got there, he said, You can't show weakness. You have to fight. You're gonna lose your country and even suggested that he would go up there with him. Yes, he knew exactly what he was doing, He says there's plenty of evidence against Trump. It could be 2022 before everyone in L. A county gets vaccinated against Cove in 19. That's if the county doesn't get more than its current weekly allotment of about 150,000 doses. Department of Public Health Chief Science officer Dr Paul Simon says the new administration is promising the number of vaccines will be increased, and several vaccine makers are getting closer to getting emergency authorization. Simon says we could end up with his money is 500,000 doses per week. And if that happens, we have the potential to reach 75% of the adult population or six million adults by mid summer 2021. Until then, Simon is asking L a county residents to be patient and getting in scheduling vaccinations. Amy King K F. I knew President Biden's nominee for U. S surgeon general, says distributing the vaccine equally across the country is absolutely critical. Success has to be gauged not just by the number of vaccines we deliver. Also by how fairly we deliver those vaccines, how equitably we deliver them. Dr. Vivek Murthy says Mobile units are critical. And so our vaccine centers in undeserved areas, Murthy says. President Biden's goal of 100 million shots in the 1st 100 days of his administration is the floor, not the ceiling. And space excess sent its first Rideshare program into orbit. The small SAT Rideshare program mission left Cape Canaveral in Florida, with hundreds of government authorized pieces of space equipment and 10 Starling satellites. Falcon nine, returns safely once again. That is the fifth time for this particular booster and.

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