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I did. Okay, now I've seen everything. And time again for KCBS traffic and weather Before the sixth day forecast. We take you out on the roads and bridges. Here's Kim to the North Bay we go this that they brought you by Audi conquered Santa Rosa. We've got two lanes blocked right now. North bound. Wanna one at Yolanda Avenue, According to the case of B s phone force, a truck pulling a trailer in the trailer jackknifed so traffic is already backed up to Todd Road in the north bound direction. Nearby. We've got delays in both directions of of one of one in Petaluma. The case of his waist forces his roadwork right now slowing the right south bound before and after Petaluma Boulevard north And then you're right on north bound. Wanna wanna slow approaching Petaluma Boulevard South Got that straight. I hope you do. Highway 37 eastbound is slow a typical between Lakeville and just passed Sears Point. We also have a crash in Valeo. He's found interstate 80 at 7 80 the right, Linus blocks I do see some slowing their right now. Audi conquer take advantage of impressive least specials on the amazing 2025. See the Q five and all of the new and certified pre owned out, he said. Audi conquered your affordable Audi dealer and it out he conquered dot com Next update 3 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Mancini's sleep World six Day forecast. We're going to get the very latest now from K p x five Poul Hagen temperatures were several degrees cooler today, putting us on ly in the sixties around the bay, but high temperatures inland still toasty into the eighties..

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