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Easier to stated distracted and and look around. You look around us all in the world. Isn't that what we're all doing role running around being busy. Were being distracted. Were doing doing doing all these things to keep us busy to keep our minds off the pain a lot of the time and you know as the pandemic began. I personally went out. Rented a house out as i go in the middle of nowhere with lots of nature around me and for the most part self isolated for five months. And i've come back out a little bit and now i've decided that in two months from now i'm going to do that for like another five months because i found that i didn't realize how much all the things i used to do like going to the symphony and going to the jazz club and going to films and concerts and stuff. I didn't look at it. that way. Bruce but i realized when it was removed because it was no longer possible that those had actually been ways. I distracted myself from going deeper and i didn't even recognize that and and i just want to ask if you're listening into this conversation. Have you noticed a shift for yourself as we've gone through this pandemic where. We all made some changes in our daily lifestyle. But i think it's brought a lot of people more home to who they who they are. Because all those distractions were no longer there. I definitely think so too. Jv i think that a lot of people have started to really examine their life in a whole different way than they ever have because they've kind of had to stop and look at things and they've stopped and notice the pain. They've stopped and notice some of their emotions and they've started to examine some of this and started to think. Hey you know. Is this really where. I want to be in life and i. I definitely agree with you. I think a lot of us have started to reexamine our lives as a result of it so it conscious millionaires. So i want to bring this in before we go to break at conscious billionaire. We talk about the conscious part. And that's who am i. Why am i on the planet. What's my purpose. What's my vision for the difference. I wanna make as an entrepreneur as a coach as a business owner and then we go over to the money part and go okay. How do we align the two so that you are making money. You're putting money in your bank account. You're being financially successful but in a purpose driven purposeful way conscious mindful way. How do you integrate those two. Well one of the things. That i've i've done for a very long time. Is you know once. I discovered my purpose and would look at my purpose than i think to myself. Am i doing right now. An activity that is helping me move forward in my purpose and also move forward financially. So i merged those two because i know that unless i move forward financially. I can't very effectively move forward in my purpose and vice versa. So i wanna make sure that what i'm doing right now or at least i want to make sure i know whether what i'm doing right now is moving me forward financially now when you do the inner work you know sometimes that has nothing to do with it at all. But i want to know that on a day to day basis. I am working toward the financial piece. Because that's how i can. I can achieve. My purpose is by building my my Life financially what. Bruce i wanna thank you for the honor of being here. We've got a lot more coming up. We've got a twenty four hour challenge folks right after the break and then we've got the millionaire entrepreneur questions. You wanna stay tuned for those. So we're going to be right back. Yes on the mindfulness mode podcast. I'm going to cut in here. Mindful tribe. I'm talking to you if you've been trying and trying to lose weight. Maybe you're feeling it's hopeless. Maybe you're discourage maybe you've tried so many times to lose weight while you know what. It's not hopeless. Hypnosis changes everything because it transitions the way you think. It conquers your inner bully. I personally lost thirty five pounds. I've capped it off with the help of hypnosis. Using mindfulness and hypnosis. I will help you lose your weight because i am trained in hypnosis and you deserve it. You deserve to lose that weight. Send me an email. Bruce at mindfulness mode dot com and put weight loss.

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