Hamas, Russia, Press Secretary discussed on The Dana Show


That hamas is responsible for these tragic deaths at their rather cynical exploitation of the situation that is what is what's leading to these deaths and want them to stop on if you want to do something we think we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that hamas is the one that frankly bear responsibility for the dr situation right now gap that is the russia who is the deputy press secretary and deputy assistant to the president who's remarking on what this actually is with regards to the riots that were there at the border this was insane and the way that i just by the way welcome to the show acting on twitter official on facebook the it is amazing how the media wants to take sides with a terror group and that's what hamas and if you don't believe that hamas a terror group than you're an apologist for terrorists that's not meant to be offensive unless you find terrorism offensive i mean honestly it is it's just truth it's not hyperbole it's simply truth i saw this a couple of things that that that really made me think of all of this which is it was just pretty unbelievable to see the way that they were characterizing this new york times michelle goldberg writes a grotesque spectacle in jerusalem and she actually was wasn't so much discussing the grotesque display that we saw at the border but rather she was discussing this is what she this is what she says a concentration of the cynical alliance between hawks jews and zionist evangelical who believed that the return of jews to israel will usher in the apocalypse and the return of christ after which juicer don't convert will burn forever now i actually i think it's just the recognition that.

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