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Point of business asked me to do something then of course charge them too. But i've also enjoyed spending hours with young people up and down the country and students unions not literally alcohol would be involved and young political groups all that kind of thing. And that's what i enjoy doing and certainly don't charge them. Well i mean i know you. Didn't you should have got paid for doing the sketching. The brits awards. I bet you the white who got paid shula for that. He did have a slightly bigger part. And i hope this is nothing without you. That he latches on. I've seen what he does. He finds a beautiful women and latches onto them and then he climbs up the ladder that way. that's how he doesn't checking in his his. His eyesight must be saying well. I hope you will start making some money from it. But but also when i started focusing nobody was making any money from it so i completely understand that and it was. I was doing it for the fun of doing it. And it's kind of interesting to say that people have you know. I came today but it but also you're very good and light for somebody to come in. I know you've obviously chad. Lots of meetings. We've had lots of conversations with human beings in your life and your job but it's a slightly different thing to to step into being recorded in. No he's going as entertainment extremely also recorded this wasting time but you know. A lot of people get freaked out by appearing on a big tv schedule actors. All interviewing richard herring people would find that very intimidating. New seemed to have a almost disregard for me..

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