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This is really do boston show all the talk of the valley he in turn forty two point five fm had live online at 1020kvntcom if you out of the conversation calm three five seven five six that's three five seven fifty eight sixty you know who's be divorced farrah them back to the anybody show here on haiti and he he likes colleen be part of the show the numbers 357 if the aid eight let's go right to the foul owns inquest is on the phone hey chris amy goldco one with the uh both global gonna cold in olneyville you will go on all day with no closing football team there they were pointing tonight or tomorrow when their plane oh you know it you could quickly he does all have to tax them and ask him if he's not listening you know here's like keeps us up to speed not only on shoot yeah football but palmer in wassaw who's playing what they're doing i have the i'm not sure i know on the wrestling team has a meet tonight allan houston because that's where my son is so i'm not sure about the bus or rather football team yoga accurate we'll ruler called before um the governor bangor b ninety one yes he did book so if we if we all agree which we don't know what's going to happen but if we get everybody could agree to vote to repeal the spring of the book immigrant up with ross is she she can sign it well he doesn't technically half design ah he can just after a certain period of time it could just become law if he doesn't touch it the real question is will he veto the repeal of ashby ninety one drag queen you know he's such frankly his actu dumb aseembly agreeing to the to the repeal because with you dover it's basically all yeah it is law it is law i have to tell you see here's the thing this is why this is going to be challenged wicket we can talk about this a little bit because this is what is going to be challenging about us number one nine yuan number one first thing you gotta deal is you got get over the hump.

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