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And i want you to really honor yourself and what your needs are and make feeling good fulltime job. I know you think you have a full-time job. Is your career. But really your job is to be a human. Your job human should be to feel good as much as possible because we know life is hard we know life is not always going to be you know rainbows and sunshine definitely not so when you are feeling good enjoy that and when you're not feeling good how can you try to reset the balance point and get back to the feeling good right so i really want you to start thinking about feeling good as your job. That is your job as a human being is to feel good about yourself is to continue to heal from everything that has happened to you and that is your own personal journey. I don't want you to compare yourself to anybody else because we're all in different mental health and wealth journeys. I know as you can see from all of the podcast interviews. We've had on the show. I've had people you know who have declared. Bankruptcy have been deep in debt and people who are very wealthy and financially independent and all of them are dealing with so many different issues. And i think it's important to acknowledge that nobody comes out of life unscathed so anybody that you're admiring right now thinking. I wish i had their life like they have this out of the other. They're dealing with some other stuff that you probably don't want. Just everyone has their different pile of craft were dealing with so just acknowledged that and i hope you have enjoyed the show. I really appreciate all of my listeners. And if you want to help celebrate the mental health and wealth show as well as celebrate the mental health and wealth summit with me for this mental health awareness month. I would really love it if you could. Subscribe an review my podcast. That will help me reach more people and get this message out..

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