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Quite women fled the white settlements to live in Indian settlements because they were safer Yeah. If we learned this in school, we would have much more sense of possibility. I, agree duel with fair sometimes that women a either don't know that they're allowed to speak out. So I always. I find the idea of wealth without rape. On fathomable why because because? Because ain't Hanno cooperation is way more pleasurable than submission. I'm not saying that I think we should keep right Gloria saying I was just saying that I I worry whenever we say that that's something happened less that sometimes it's also just because women reported it less or women went taken more seriously because I know I agree with you. I do feel like, yes. No, and certainly with domestic violence. That's absolutely true. I don't even know how much I I wonder if I can't be on this but I don't even know if domestic violence has increased or if rape has increased or women are just talking about it more because they can cause social media or they have social acceptance speak out about it. Well, they even will I think I. Think Statistically from the United Nations statistics early. Yeah. both things are happening. That is women are speaking out about it more and it is counted as a crime instead of just human nature. Yes So things are changing very very rapidly. But at the same time, there is so much cumulative violence against women whether it's female infanticide or domestic violence or clitoridectomy is or you know all the forms of of violence against females that for the first time that we know of there are now fewer females on earth than males and. As far as we know that hasn't happened before. So that's quite scary indeed. So we are at a time of seed wonder why that's a bloody afraid of us. Less of us than you, there's there's you know we're at a time of of both hope and danger which I think. Isn't that the? Chinese. Character for opportunity something like that. It's both hope in danger. And so I'm sure you get asked this every day of your life until you ask yourself every single day of your life insurance you're waking though I wonder if you ever get hold, do you ever get holidays?.

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