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Weather roofing specialists It's a 35 a truck driver in Colorado who's originally sentenced to a 110 years behind bars for causing a fatal pile up We'll be spending much less time in prison after public pushback The driver's story went viral when a Colorado judge handed down a 110 year prison sentence The judge said his hands were tied because of the state's mandatory sentencing guidelines Rohel aguilera madero killed four people when his breaks went out in 2019 but his lengthy sentence and this speech at a sentencing hearing led to widespread outrage I know I tried to respond to it But it wasn't intentional Now Colorado governor Jared polis has shortened his term The driver will now spend just ten years behind bars Monica Rick's CBS News minimum wage is going up in 2022 in a record number of states and cities with many exceeding $15 an hour It comes those companies are facing labor shortages and people are quitting their jobs and droves Some setting Lopez is a reason In D.C. minimum wage will hit just about $15 an hour next year in Virginia It's increasing from 9 50 to $11 In Maryland starting January 1st it's going up to 1215 companies with 50 or more employees slightly lower for smaller companies though Well there's an important deadline today to make charitable donations if you want to deduct them from your 2021 taxes Donating to charity can help with your tax bill though depending on how much you donate Here's some tips Have proof of your donation like a data check and if over $250 A written acknowledgment from the organization You can't deduct up to $300 on your federal taxes for an individual and $600 jointly and don't forget to log your miles For example drop offs at goodwill And if you donate stocks that say you bought at $100 that are now worth 500 you'll qualify for a tax deduction for the higher amount Jeff manassa Fox News Good to know It's a 37 It's Jonathan cotton with a good feed store and it's that time of year when we pause for a bit and reflect on our true blessings Do you know what I consider to be one of the greatest blessings as a business owner My employees and coworkers We have people from many different backgrounds and walks of life and they make my job incredibly rewarding I truly enjoy getting to know and work with each one of them Better yet our customers rave about their experiences with them If you want to meet some exceptional.

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