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I meant from the sports broadcasting world and that's my fault precise interviewing and yet see that was gold that was radio gold so i'm glad i'm glad i'm precise going okay so a distant second from samson san francisco san malone would be howard cosell you know i think that i was i i was i got the end of howard cosell but i i he was certainly someone who i looked at it and said this that looks like a lot of fun you know it it just looks like a lot of fun and he was relatable and unpolished and perfect there's only one howard cosell there's no doubt about that have you ever in your long history with jalen really gotten into that into it with each other you know on the air in a way that would be real a real kind of argument between friends but it wasn't manufactured for tv it wasn't ginned up for tv radio or or podcasting but it was it was genuine and you actually had to like you know walk away from each other after not speak for anything like that well i would say one thing about jaylen personalities a little keitel conflict diverse you know like he's he's he's a he starts to get a little sticky he gets a little conflict averse when it's be emotional between people or about about our roles professionally i would say that it gets most heated when we disagree about something that doesn't involve our environment our personal relationship i mean we we there's issues in sports that we strongly disagree from where it does get a little heated because that's the good stuff you know what i mean like it we don't all need to be screaming at each other all the time but it's it's it just heightens when there's a motion when there's emotion in the conversation it heightens the enjoyment for the listener and it's it's factually fun is now as well and that does happen where we will just look at each other like i cannot believe this is your stance on this topic and i will look at him and say you are so wrong i wanted to end this show right now and walk out of the room and bringing example this seems like a silly example but we got really he's on it is he i i hate the aca in basketball you know those like the hackensack or we're gonna intentional fouls and slow down the game and make it boring it's like adding to everything that's a scandal exactly and for him he just wants you know he just he thinks that you should be able to make your free throws you know foul them if they can't make their free throws and for me it's like this is an entertainment property where as a company we're paying billions of dollars to put this on the air i don't wanna watch people shoot free throws and that got pretty heated one time that didn't talk to him after the show you guys have a great chemistry the show is fun to watch it's fun to listen to it's been a pleasure having the great david jacoby here with us on the sporting life and i hope the next time i send you a pitch for something and your you know producer role you might might at least give it some serious thought and not just you know what i at which is you know great idea next millennium or something no i will green light it and then i will say that the suits above me actually told me tequila and they're so wrong it's all their fault that's another move david jacoby from jalen jacoby sir thank you so much joining us thank you so much mean i'm jeremy shop and you can listen to new editions of the sporting life every saturday and sunday morning on espn radio and espn app beginning at six am eastern time.

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