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Live from NPR news. I'm Lakshmi Sang Texas is making progress in its fight against Corona virus? The state reports at the number of new cases has been falling for several days now. A couple of weeks ago, a team of twenty medical specialists from New York arrived in Houston to help with testing thousands of people as they were about to leave. Mayor Sylvester Turner. Thank New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo for reaching out. Graciously offered to send support. To the city of Houston to assist in our testing, recognizing that we're in the midst of a resurgent different picture and Florida, which confirmed more than twelve thousand new cases of the virus today that putting overall number at more than four hundred thousand in the state so far president trump is now seeing eye to eye with public health experts who strongly warning against holding large gatherings in the middle of a pandemic his reelection campaigns, dropping plans to. To hold part of the GOP nominating convention in Florida next month more than four million people in the US are or have been infected with corona virus over the past several months. Brazil has the second largest number of cases in the world and new cases. There are surging as well this week. It registered a daily record of nearly sixty eight thousand cases. NPR's Philip brief says none of that is stopping Brazil's president from undermining isolation measures. Sooner or later, everyone will get the corona virus unless they hide away in a corner, says Jay Bozo Auto. He has the virus himself and his finding hiding away difficult the sixty five year old boss narrow. Drove a motorbike around the grounds of the presidential palace. where he supposed to be an isolation, he was photographed chatting with groundsman without wearing a mask. The images don't show how far apart they were Boston. Critics say this is more reckless behavior from a president who's nation has more infections than anywhere, except the US, and is averaging just over one thousand deaths a day. Flip Reeves, NPR news. We interest needle in other news. Iran's for ministers criticizing the US. US after an Iranian airliner was intercepted by US fighter jet over Syria. We have more from not a home. See in Beirut. Passengers aboard an Iran commercial were alarmed when their be root bound, plane plunged abruptly as it flew over Syria, video footage circulated online Iranian state news shows. Passengers onboard the Mahan Airliners Screaming. Is the plane suddenly drops? It also shows at least two fighter jet flying beside the aircraft. A US official wrote in a statement to NPR. Fighter had conducted what he called a standard visual inspection of the Iranian airliner claiming it was from a safe distance. There is a US military base in serious tunnel region where the Iranian passenger plane was in the Air Israel and the United States have long accused Mahan Air of carrying weapons for Iran backed fighters, and the airline is under US sanctions. For NPR news, another himse invaded. You're listening to NPR news. Johns Hopkins University reports more than fifteen million cases of the virus around the world since December and more than six hundred thousand deaths. The World Health Organization says if people need to empower themselves with knowledge, so they can stay healthy and keep the people around them. Say from Cova Nineteen. This from NPR's Ping Wong. At Phnom Gabrielle WHO's drew general says don't expect someone else to keep you safe. He says it's your responsibility to know the risk level and your local community every day. Do you know how many cases were reported where you live yesterday? Do you know where to find that information. Do you know how to minimize your exposure says he knows people are sick of the pandemic, but they have to stay aware to protect themselves and their friends and neighbors. Public Health experts say the key element to knowing whether it's safe to go to school or Church or visit. A nightclub is to know the rate at which the virus is spreading in that community. Ping Pong, NPR news. Anyone with a minor criminal record can still qualify to work at a bank in the..

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