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Basic services on behalf of their constituents once as well is free of the Madero regime. It's Cuban enforcers. And it's thugs and censorship is ended and political. Prisoners are freed the time. We'll have arrived to prepare for free elections. But the time to join a free debate about the future is now, and it must include young basis for this regime. Tries to silence them as well. If you want to be part of your country's future and not just it's passed. It cannot be imposed by force when they sued except that it must act solely as a democratic political party and seek the votes of citizens feel actions solely through argument and debate then as well, we'll be well on the way to democracy. How will the United States react to Chevy STA participation and what I called politics that are fully inclusive. I can speak from my own experience. I spent years in the nineteen eighties working to prevent a violent FM L N assisted by Cuba. And Russia, violent takeover of El Salvador. But when the FM L N one free elections in two thousand nine and again in two thousand fourteen and in the latter election two thousand fourteen under the leadership of a former. Rebel leader, the United States respected and accepted that outcome. And indeed continued our foreign aid program. We did not we did not pick L Salvador's president in those elections. And obviously we will not pick who is president in Venezuela. We want to see all Venezuelans deciding the fate of their country in free elections instead of all the key decisions being made by someone who stolen election in two thousand eighteen and rules by brutality and exclusion as well. And needs a peaceful. Transition shared among all it's people between friends and neighbors in every community. You are all in this together. And your politics must reflect that fact. Second the military in that's huger Venezuela. What is the role of military? The armed forces would hold a place of responsibility in society, and without being involved in politics would represent and protect the security of the country. Then as well deserve to be protected by professional military institution. And not have their leaders rely on armed gangs or on foreign powers who sent thousands of soldiers or intelligence agents to surveillance and abuse and imprison patriotic Venezuelan military officers, and and listed men and women that is well, we'll need a truly professional and well trained armed force to rebuild the country and guarantee its security. Interim president Widodo has reiterated multiple times that a transition to a secure and democratic country will require the support of military officers. And that's what we believe that as well as military and security officers need to be stronger, better paid and trained and armed and ready to face the challenge of criminals who traffic in drugs and persons and the challenge of protecting the nation's thousands of miles of land and sea borders. And protecting Venezuela from dangers foreign and domestic. Let's be candid the country will need to confront the deeds of some who have so badly abused their office or their position that there needs to be an accounting. The national assembly is working on these issues now and with great care. These are not new issues. Many democratic transitions have had to grapple with the issues of Amnesty's protections for former officials we saw this in Poland and elsewhere in eastern Europe after the fall of communism in South Africa after part. In El Salvador after the civil war in Chile Argentina after military rule, then as Waylon we'll have to work this out, we in the United States recognize this, and as we have done in all all those cases, I mentioned it is the intention of the United States to respect the agreement made among Venezuelans as part of the transition to democracy to extent consistent with applicable laws. Third is a question of free inclusive economy like all questions about the future is willa. The structure of the economy will have to be debated by all Venezuelans represented in the national assembly decisions about the economy cannot be made by one man or a small group whose goal is to steal resources will ward sycophants and a bubble use the money to same power. They'll be hard decisions to make and there will still many sacrifices in the coming years. The transition will not be easy and some ways let's be honest, this situation even get worse before it improves. The Venezuelan economy has contracted by nearly seventy seven zero percent because of the mismanagement and corruption of the current regime. The currency has been really reduced to worthless. An example, an example of hyper inflation that is going to be studied in university economic departments a century from now country will need everything infrastructure new health system. School's the rebuilding of the agricultural sector list is long it'll take time. Economic recovery. Cannot be cheap overnight not even in a country with huge oil reserves. But interim president Dell in the national assembly are committed as they've made clear plump i-it's to build an economy that works for all Venezuelans, and the international community is committed to helping that succeed. That means that economy that uses the country's natural wealth to benefit all the people. Not just a few who happen to hold political power. That means an economy that truly provides for the most vulnerable members of society. It means a stable currency that allows families to plan for the future. It means economy that is open to the world and embraces the opportunities the world offers. It means an agricultural sector that can again provide for the basic needs of Venezuelan by allowing farmers to plant and harvest without government control. But with the government providing much of the infrastructure that silicates production, Ken. He prosperous again and can climb out of despair into which has fallen when the rules are fair. The laws are just and enforced and treat all citizens equally when corruption is punished and a free press can't expose corruption when private property is protected when labor is fairly rewarded. This isn't magic. These are the basis for economic growth. These three components of the democratic transition and inclusive democratic government professional security forces and free and inclusive economy are all possible and are all key ingredients to rebuilding Venezuela. Interim president Widodo and the national assembly have begun the critical work that will lead. Venezuela back from ruin to liberty and prosperity. We support his leadership fully and everyone who is committed to a democratic future. Join forces to make this new Venezuela a reality as quickly as possible. I believe what believe are said is true. People that love freedom will in the end be free people that love freedom will end free. The United States will not waver in its support for feed him in Venezuela. And we are certain we will see again Venezuela that democratic prosperous reconnected to the world. We are certain the corruption and incompetence repression brutality that have marked Madero years will be replaced by Venezuela that is recovering its place in its region, this hemisphere and the world the United States wishes to be Venezuela's partner. This great effort, and we are confident that Venezuelans will in the end be free. Thank you very much. U s Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams. Delivering remarks Thursday at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC. Well, thank you very much special Representative Abrahams. Jason Marzak the director of the Adrian ours. Latin America center special you, just laid out what a different future could be Venezuela future that we all hope becomes that. Preventable. And we're not gonna take this discussion this next discussion. And dig a little bit further deeper into into some of your comments and your pioneer new thoughts that you just laid out and see frankly, how can we get there? Joining onstage here with special episode Elliot Abrams on police. Welcome ambassador, Carlos Vecchio Venezuela. The ambassador of the interim government of Venezuela. United States states ambassador vacuity, you have been in this role for three months. It's impressive. How much achieved and just this very short period of time in great ahead again on the Atlantic house. Next to Becky was Jonathan Jonathan's associate professor and the political science department at the university of central Florida and also a specialist international relations, comparative politics Jonathan great to have you here. And also joining us via video is Gabriele. Gabriela is a former ombudsman of the supreme court of Justice in Venezuela. She is joining us from Spain via video conference Gabriela great to have you. Work on her audio questions. Given that time is short. We're going to be taking written questions at the conclusion of our conversation. You should have no cards on your on your chairs so police passer. No cars to staff who who will be will start going to ask those questions. Turned first to you ambassador, Vecchio special represent just laid out three different components of a democrat transition and inclusive democratic government professional security forces and also free and inclusive economy for you, what does a fully inclusive government mean. And what does that mean also to the interim government overall, we'll take you for this too? Well, organized things thank you for your work for your speech for people, people recover, our democracy. For me an inclusive. Government means that we need to understand the context where we are. We need to unify the country to have a smooth stationing to set at career transition government on quote for free and fair election. But also we need to understand that we are facing the worst humanitarian crisis tire history. I'm for that overcomes that crisis. We need to come together as Venezuelans all Venezuelans are necessary to to rebuild our country and to overcome the worst humanitarian crisis that we have ever facing isn't history. But also is a government that that needs to understand that need to work with different political views has to be has to be paying for listen different opinions and respect them. And also he's a government that has to be governed by the rule of law respecting also human right under democratic principles on also understand need to work together with different. Public branches in Venezuela working with national working with a military force working with she'll system in order to build Venezuela. Most important thing in my view is a government that needs to result the humanitarian crisis to overcome the power team Venezuela, and that will be the primary focus stopped the offering Venezuela's because the crisis is taking consolidation. Your political affiliation. You have a problem. I mean. They'll ask you are you chubby. So are you friend is acting the time country without you know, without taking it goes eight. Political affiliations. So we need to understand that. Then you government has to resolve the humanitarian crisis on a Saint time start working to to overcome poverty minutes. That's the way it was. Rear incredibly important point. Just the crisis doesn't it's not based on political affiliation. This is a crisis that affects all Venezuelans across the board. And as you said this a fully inclusive government is special Representative was just laid out has to include everybody across the political spectrum..

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