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Three well the president has hit a road bomb in his asia asia trip he is not going to the dmz no low visibility the helicopter had to turn around so he can't flip off kim jong going on the other side any supposed to give a speech tonight so i wonder what the speech is going to be i wonder if he had gone to the tmz and come back in the speech would be i went to the dmz i saw this we're making sure that everybody safe now what does he talk about i don't know we'll have to figure it out later i think he had an international incident with what not the dmz no well you know well let's put it this way he is in japan this was early today um use in japan and it too has for chinese food or now for chinese funar they were they were feeding the fish yeah oh oh yeah all do the karp car in a closet on toy core or you corp kawhi carb car in a cooling pond karp coy paul yes are you being coy no so they're feeding the fish analysts right like you you put a little you put a little sprinkle it right and it's this hold like lake thing we are supposed to be serene so he's got this you know he's got this this thing of food yeah he dumped it in typical new yorker dumped the whole thing area gusmao splash here's the problem yeah have you ever owned a fish yes any you know when you when you you take a little deal between your thumb in your first figuring sprinkled in just a little bit it's not dumped it all in haiti it's up high bonded killed all the achille any fish president trump's sparking a feeding frenzy for the present prime minister shinzo ave feeding carb adequate kind and feeding but a cold pa eating carpet adequate kind that's what i said feeding carpet adequate behind in tokyo as part of an i'll tradition for the media freaking out oh no of course there highlighting how the president president trump dumped paul box into the pot i like how she says the president president trump highlighting how the president president trump dumped whole box into the pot one reporter even calling it a quote trump down the uh ron dumb highlighting how the president president trump dumped while box into the pot quote trump gone the trump dump that has so many different connotations than fish food i mean let you know all all the.

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