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It's a double benefit a partnership between suburban park forest and students from prairie state. And south suburban colleges is paying off park forest has some abandoned homes in need of rehab now. Thanks to a partnership between the suburb and prairie state college in Chicago heights. And south suburban college. In south Holland called the south suburban traits initiative, they're solving problems one house at a time and students learn skills that could result in jobs in the building trades hurt. Forest officials tell the daily south town. They hope the students tackle one vacant home each year Felicia, middlebrooks, NewsRadio on one five point nine. FM mood has left CBS, but doesn't want to leave any money behind? You're CBS. Ceo. Les Moonves says is challenging the company's decision to deny him a one hundred twenty million dollars severance package in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. He's demanding binding arbitration to try to change the decision. The CBS board of directors rejected the payment last month after concluding moonville. Violated company policy and did not cooperate with an investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct. He says the conduct was consensual. Pam coulter. CBS news, a Thirty-three-year-old, man. Convicted in the fatal stabbing of Morgan Freeman step granddaughter has been sentenced to twenty years in prison. Prosecutors say Lamar Davenport stabbed his girlfriend at Heinz multiple times in August twenty fifteen while under the influence of alcohol and drugs Davenport issued an apology during his sentencing hearing saying he doesn't remember what happened Hines was an aspiring actress and played a small role in the movie five flights up along with freemen. And Diane Keaton business news from Bloomberg with Jeff Bellinger, coming up next WBZ news time one fifty four..

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