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Southern Cal and Arizona State is the Pac 12. Gets underway. I think that was a 9 a.m. kick out on the West Coast southern cow winds of 28 2 27 over Arizona state and a big 12 final. Texas beats West Virginia 17 to 13. How about liberty winning on a last second field goal to beat Virginia Tech today? 38 to 35 you freeze has his flames at seven and oh, this season in the top 25 about that. SEC scored. You got Mississippi State Vanderbilt cause I know our listeners on the edge of their seat waiting for that one. We have both of those teams at home. Those are our final two home games this season. And we got Mississippi State 17, Vanderbilt seven and there early in the fourth quarter. Thanks. We're here in the Piedmont Healthcare radio booth. Eric Zeier, Scott Howard. Neil Williamson, Chris Giovanni, Tony Shivani, Adam Gillespie, Zach Jewels and our network Studios Chuck Down all of the sidelines. We're first in five for the dogs and our own 47 after the Offside penalty on the Gators. Mathis will hand it to James Cook, and he'll run straight ahead into the line of scrimmage into the pile, and there's not much there at all. Maybe got a yard to the 49. Chatfield. Andrew Chatfield, a redshirt sophomore lineman, makes the stop for the Gators defense. The read option there for the dogs and Juan math has looked.

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