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Little movie talk off air this weekend. A couple of places I saw the preview for Ford versus Ferrari. That's fall November Matt Damon. Christian bale. Dave, did you see the preview Medici all the trailer last night? Actually looks fabulous. Outstanding looks really, really good. Rocket man didn't make quite as much as they said. I still wanna see Carter. You're, you're absolutely. Absolutely. All right. NBA finals. I and the twins. I love and we have dynasties in sports because you can either embrace them, or you can detest them sports are better in my view, when you have a dynastic run. Because some point they wither and come to an end or finances. Steps in with the warriors, it's not about age yet. Because pretty much everybody of their well, not etc. Because he absolutely is in their core. He's the only one in their core. Who's on the brunt staff? Durant clay Draymond all in the front. But you have this team. And her Levitan this earlier today, because he talked Durant, I expanded Kevin Durant. If I say the best player in the game, I would say Kevin Durant. So they don't have the best player in the game. Then cousins is out for an extended period time. Then last night, Klay Thompson on a play warnings looking for foul gets hurt and he's out. Then Steph is sick during the game. How many teams Adam? In the history of a sport, especially one like basketball. Could lose those type of players and still be a very worthy adversary. This is not a team in Toronto. That's just there to be steamrolled. For a lot of people Leonard's the best player in the game, I, I would say, okay, fine. I lean Durant, but, but then an an excellent supporting cast, but finally another place in sports. Were you lose those quality players and you can still pull it off because I, I don't think there's another analogy and maybe it's too hard to do it. And the other sports. Because if it was in baseball, you'd have to guys. Right. In hockey to say. Maybe three guys. But a mass, you're taking out the best player, then you're taking out a guy who might be the best off guard. Then you're taking out a center who until I got hurt was the third or fourth center. And then your, your main guys still playing clearly sick and pull that off. Is pretty remarkable. When you're playing guys normally, don't play and win that game. So I thought it was fantastic. Theatre on listening to the twin some yesterday. I missed I missed the whole meltdown. When I saw the score later, I was like, whoa. But Cory provice who is fabulous. Said what a lot of people said, when, when bucks had the inning when it gets on steals and then advances, and then scores on the on the safety squeeze. What do we think? That safety squeeze was ten feet out of home plate. Maybe fifteen feet and there's maybe one or two other guys maybe could escort but is boxed in the most entertaining player in the game. Can you hit to sixty five? But everything else you do. He doesn't. It's not you walks a lot. But can you be because of his speed and is playing the outfield. Just a fantastic catch, and throw that I don't know if anybody else can make three hundred foot throw perfect to crown and crawl and sold it. Well is he is? He is he more entertaining. The Mike trout. Hard for me to go there. I don't know. I think. I haven't seen a lot of Mike. Trout. You know there's various ways to be an entertaining baseball player hitting the ball. A mile is one of them, but yeah, incredible speed is another and to see that, especially in person. Yeah. Is something to behold. It is. I've take hot. Fast is cool. Cisco, you know that. Well, you're very fast and parts your life. Very cool. No, you're not. We agree Dave that, that trout's the best plan the game. That's fair say somewhat as literally off the best start in the history. So he's better player than buyer, but he's fast Byron, he's a good outfielder is not as phenomenal is Byron is when it's I mean, and entertaining, so subjective. What do you think when you hear that is Byron the most entertaining player? Just because when he when he's when he's able to do what he does it is a site to hold. But does he do it enough to make him the most entertaining player? They've, they've said for years, you can have the home runs as far as excitement goes. But the number one exciting plane. Baseball's triple, right? Yeah. And I mean, any Baldo a gap you're thinking, it's at least two L very minimum to any bold various place in the infield. Your immediate is he going to beat that out? And the panic it puts into all the fielders. Yeah. So the fact that he can take a bold of left-center gap and turn into three rights, then right? That's pretty good. If he just keeps playing this ways that does he live up to the hype because he was the second pick. And people are talking about trout. They were talking about historic levels for him. Is this enough to live up to that? Got it bombs Jeff. Yeah. I think it's got to be a bit more. But it's it is it is a lot of fun and they get right? I think put the three of us out there, and we get hits we'd score the way the plan right now represents stalbur when we come back. Chad. Now page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, there's something about protecting people's homes through progressive that inspires me. 'cause I just had an idea for a book. Well, it was originally an idea for a movie.

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