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You so wrong about that have you noticed that nobody he played with has that issue have you noticed that nobody went up against has that issue have you noticed a nobody who played the game ever seem to have an issue with Andrew luck so we're talking about guys who played the game at the highest level who pay that price in a reaction to it joining us now is somebody who I could but that category a former NFL player seven years in the NFL and NFL analyst host of the Ross Tucker football podcast you can follow him at Ross Tucker NFL he appears courtesy of my front page story now Ross the thing about a moving target is you can't hit it hard to hit a moving target and your constantly on the move it's good to have you back Ross exactly where are you right now yeah I'm looking now at the Philadelphia Eagles practice fields right now I'm at the Nova care complex it's been really cool for me growing up outside of Philly this in my first year as the eagles preseason television analyst they play the jets Thursday night in the fourth preseason game so actually about to meet with Carson Wentz and Brandon Graham and Doug Peterson and about thirty five minutes so worked out perfectly to be able to come along with you and I can tell you this much Jim they are they are really good demand I mean a lot has to go right to get back to the Superbowl we all know that health and you have to win the games in January one accounts but this is at least on paper the best eagles roster I've seen in awhile Ross Tucker is joining us I see it the same way I agree with you the Russian made the point that you were surprised but you were not shocked by Angelus retirement lay that out for me what you mean by that well certainly surprises because I hadn't heard any rumblings of it but if you go back I can remember a cold from him during the season last year when he said it's really nice because football's finally phone again and I can relate to that I can remember this is really weird Jim my best year in the NFL was two thousand four with the Buffalo Bills I started thirteen games we went nine and four in those games including one like six or seven a row but I can remember Jim that in December the end of that season either herniated disc in my back so I was playing because I wanted to play but also at a fifty thousand dollar playing time bonus which was huge money to me so before every game I was taken to or tabs to flex our roles shot a tour all in my body and I distinctly remember before games thinking I hate this I hate football I just can't wait until this game was over it was just the combination of the pain the stress knowing I was about to go out there against Gerard Warren or bright young arose plane that day despite the fact that I was hurting that bad it was bad man I mean I remember the last game against the Steelers it we won we made the playoffs my wife had to tie my shoes in the morning when I left the house in yet I played every snap against the Steelers we lost I was disappointed that we didn't make the playoffs but part of me was a little bit relieved jam that it was just finally over that I could stop putting myself through that much pain it's hard to explain everybody out there is playing with something but when you are really really hurting it's just not fun anymore I mean I I even heard growing say that earlier this morning Ross Tucker joining us Ross that is an amazing anecdote do you share and what you had to take what you had to go through just to get on the field and how much get hate again do you love so much so when you look at the list of injuries deluxe offered and these are the ones that we know about when you look at that list what kind of thoughts do you have the people that brought him in Indianapolis live very very sad lives and my guess is have a void that will never be filled I maybe that's being harsh German maybe I'm not remembering my roots as a fan and you nowadays you know these guys now every one of my buddies and my sister and my wife they look at it so much differently now that they actually know or knew an NFL player even like cut down coming down on Saturday I remember all thank god you got rid of that guy we again were that got my body never head anymore because they know that that's like an actual dude who they play beer pong weight has buddies from high school and grew up with and they make fun of each other he just happened to be better football than everybody else I always say this picture into lock is your brother or your son or even your best friend and picture him getting booed off the field the last time you don't NFL field because he won't destroy his body more for your three hours of Sunday entertainment are you kidding me and this argument Jim was two weeks before the season not to support and you look season before acting even like burn line in those guys Jim they're acting like he was healthy was gonna play if he was healthy I was going to play week Warren he won the darkness he's not healthy he doesn't know when he would be also it is Jim the more honorable guy than I am he has to a rehab the cap ankle thing anyway I would regard that cap angle thing in Indianapolis in their facility for the next four months right exactly I mean Ross Tucker just absolute killing it today at like Ross for those who are saying and I'm seeing a lot on Twitter to yell he held it wrong how was he supposed to handle this what was he supposed to do is been dealing with it for the past six months and doing everything he possibly could to work his way through it and it didn't work and to your point Ross he could have stayed there and re having gotten paid but he didn't he did according to social media jam he was supposed to retire in March or April before the draft even though he waited for it didn't know he wanted to retire that I mean I mean this logic is crazy by the way yes you have a darn good backup quarterback and you could be percent I wouldn't be surprised at all if they still win the division do you Andrew luck wanted this do you think you want to retire he's like the nicest guy I've ever met do you think he wants to let down every single person in that building hundreds of people the players the coaches the owner of the executives bands it's absolutely the last thing that Andrew luck wanted to do but he got to a point where he felt like he was his only choice and I truly believe Jim I can speak to this I think him getting married and having a child on the way I think that affects you as well the worst cut that ever happen to me was the first time after I got married because my wife had left her job in finance in New York City to move to buffalo to be with me and I got cut and so my failure was finally affecting other people and not just me and that really hurt and I think him having a child on the way in November really crystallized things for him about what's really important what really matters Ross Tucker is joining us you know Ross back to the point about him getting booed off the field in his last game probably as NFL player it was not supposed to play out like that now you remember the media now you can also speak to this when you take a step back Adam Schefter had a job to do he did his job but what do you make of the fact that somebody leaked it dish after disgusting a really really bothers me if I had to have a hierarchy by the way the cold have great fans Jim so I don't think you know how a couple hundred people that were probably drinking water there the people are there in the fourth quarter of a preseason game I we did have another conversation so their number two for me yes good bit disappointing fans that booed or number two my number one Public Enemy Jim is whoever leaked that because they're the ones that any port locked in a terrible situation when you put the fans in a bad situation where they had to be very disappointed hearing it that way before they actually knew why look was retiring or what was going on you know how it is though somebody about organization because it definitely been come from looks camp somebody wanted to curry favor with Adam Schefter somebody wanted to get a favor down the line or somebody wanted to hook up chapter and kudos to chapter it's huge news he broke it he did exactly what it's supposed to do but that person that put their selfish self interest I had a leading Andrew luck could do it with some dignity and on his terms I think it's awful although I will say this chip I've heard out of a couple places now say that they probably knew this would happen in Wednesday Thursday I met they originally were going to have the press conference on Friday at three they changed it to Sunday at three that's a major screw up by the colts front office that is not news of go last until Sunday he's telling players Thursday and Friday I'm actually shocked didn't come out till Saturday night the rabbit he told them to teammates a couple of them tell their agent or their wife they tell somebody I'm actually amazed didn't even get out till Saturday night this is getting on a matter what there's no way that that's floating around that building it's not getting out before then I agree with you Ross there's no way you come on and we don't talk about my front page story how are things going with that project these days bring me up to date it's going awesome I appreciate you but a huge supporter the amount of people that have come to my front page story dot com to buy an anniversary gift or birthday gift for their wife or whatever that have said they came from Jim Rome is amazing no matter no wonder you're so many good advertisers Jim it's crazy and it's funny actually because just heard about it and so Adam actually has the best in the business sector I I don't know if you heard about it would mean you or what but shifters actually involved too because he loves the fact that it's real journalists real reporters writing stories about real people and giving someone a keepsake gift that is the coolest thing out there right now my front page story dot com Ross Tucker I love that my front page story dot com checked out that.

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