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The only difference maybe is the defensive cues. Not man Markey and more zoning more often plays more off cues off a sequences, that'll change, but this is an ideal situation for Jesse marsh. Listen, not too many people get a chance to be a part of a Premier League setup. If you have that type of opportunity, especially for a guy like Jesse Marshall, you take it. You heard that last little cue right there. We mentioned his accent. And I've always said and you know this. I'm a big proponent that the American passport plays against the players, the managers when it comes to Europe. No more than in the Premier League. Look, it's not ideal. It is a good landing spot. I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised her because when Jesse marsh goes out of RB Leipzig, the way that he does, I don't think a lot of us were saying, all right, his next job is going to be in the Premier League. I think this is we have to say in some way, this is a surprise. You gave a lot of reasons why you think it's an ideal landing spot. Let me give you a few why. I think it's not. I don't think going into a relegation fight is ideal for a manager, right? They're 16th right now. They're two points from the drop zone. And the two teams that are directly behind them have two games in hand. So there's a lot of work to do for Jesse marsh. It's a very pressure situation, not that RB Leipzig wasn't, but I think so even more here, right? You're talking about surviving in the Premier League. Okay. A couple other reasons. He's following as he mentioned in that interview, an absolute club legend. They love him there. He's the guy that after 16 years away from the Premier League, got them there. So I think to me, you don't ever want to be the guy that follows the guy following bielsa is not going to be easier. The one thing I'll say is this too. It's not just that he's American herc. It's that the ownership is American. Let's not forget about how this team is owned by the San Francisco forty-niners. If you go back to bob Bradley's time at Swansea, yes, they picked on bob Bradley because he was an American. I think it hurt him double because the ownership at Swansea, much like the ownership here. It leads united, was also American. So it's not just an American coach. It's an American coach brought in by American owners. And that worries me for Jesse marsh because we know if the fans turn against you, that's when you get in trouble. Let's get to brass tax time here, hurt. He's got 12 games left. You think Jesse marsh is gonna save leads united from relegation? Um, that's the $1 million question, right? But if we get more than that more than a $1 million a lot, you're right, but parachute payments at the championship will get you back up if you're smart.

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