Prime Minister, Dr Mahat, Mr Anwar discussed on BBC World Service


Man who twenty years ago had groomed him to be his successor prime minister then sacked him and had him arrested and jailed dr mahat here retired as prime minister fifteen years ago then reconciled with mr anwar joins the opposition and helped bring down the ruling party they had both once dominated in doing so they ousted another protege of dr maha tears the corruption tainted ninety razzaq prime minister until last week and thought to be almost unbeatable dr mahat here at the staggering age of ninety two now finds himself prime minister once again with anwar ibrahim at his side if you're confused well malaysia aren't dr mahattaya is such a familiar figure in their countries story that his reemergence has ignited a warm nostalgia for the days when he built modern malaysia out of what had been largely poor agricultural society and when he bestrode the world's stage firing off inflammatory comments and heralding the arrival of the fast growing asian tiger economies indeed his presence in the opposition coalition was essential to reassure malaysians used to being ruled by the same party for sixty years that they could risk voting for change dr maha here is one of a handful of outsized personalities who helped build nations in post colonial asia and he's the only one left lee kuan yew of singapore died three years ago king sihanouk of cambodia three years before that so harto of indonesia died in two thousand and eight about the irrepressible dr m shows no signs have been ready to join them his energy and razor sharp wit during the election campaign pain left his competitors far behind remarkable.

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