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I mean listen there's a lot of things that i can't support in this report that hefner hefner told the cambridge cop it's like look dude i don't visibly intoxicated get past seaport and we're going to send way and driving through cambridge students defending the driver arrested right now why are we city sir if he had explained it that way the cambridge officer would indeed arrested stan rosenberg we all would have had something different right about but yes the entire route the entire driving route was out of order and the other stuff i'm i supposed i am fully against in terms of sending pictures of your private areas to others and you know making all sorts of sorts of aspersions but with this particular incident it makes me terrible i don guys i just really want to know who the senator was he was talking about roofing judgment on that officials there on a whole lot of lookers in that bunch i'm just saying right i would like to i would like to know it wasn't like he was actually attracted to him i think i think it was more the humiliation i mean if you want to do the video well you don't know that that's true hillary gives them in the benefit of the doubt like a guy he was attracting them but the guy was straight right by i think that's why the reforge is not interested in that crazy visibly drunk around tomorrow not dave lightened up on them berating anyway to have my feelings warming up figure maybe oh man yeah i wonder who that was and there's another seen it could be the same senator but like barely there at a dinner party at a senators house right i can help you senator i wonder if it's the same but the rookie senator he really just gotta wonder daimiel for some reason i wanna say maan but i don't know magin there's a lot of tan their road we don't go down staff member another center also received a call from half during the spring of two thousand seventeen requesting support this is the budget amendment stuff which is just insane i don't quite understand how none of this broke yeah.

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