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A very important region 2017 induction ceremony into the michigan sports hall of fame this is the mitch albom joe niches red carpeting worse now he is on his way in and that we couldn't be prouder of young mitchell album we continue our conversation one of the great spartans of all time on the great wide receivers you will ever see mr andrei rise it right now back to my story without saying whether it was a social media around but andrei dirty two seasons it was soon specific games where will see michael social media i'm talking about the two guys will florida state your junior and senior students eu yet the are it here and you got what passed off between the two camps i will say back and forth and it seemed like a social media think will it the paper you don't allow grated the are that they would they be there was this big class that will begin at a social media and how athlete would in record each other via i would say that that was a great time and a great era when trash talking was like a real prevalent vivo people did mine that that the locker room the chalkboard taught you know so and trash talk was a skill was it added and yet no what you're doing great and that's what i'm saying you know a lot of a lot of guys we took confidence to another level and i think some people took this you know they'll go through gaza arrogant in order to prop nieto what's again the french with chain s but as the sanders it as you'd owed prime tabs that is an artery bad mon and so they are you gonna give fireworks and i was trying to i was trying to help michigan state you know become wanted a premier college institutions you know programs across the country we beat you sc we beat them twice in one season probably only team ever do that i could be wrong but you know we played the notre dame who played ohio state played michigan's played arizona states and in overtime to the bone up in the ranks near conflict of state would a ton of talent all those guys at monitored by us i work out abroad.

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