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Shooting someone i mean that's just senseless dumb stuff and there's no need for that in our city at merrill lorsa and then that witnesses describe in which is one of the several violent scenes from channel ten uh after he said has just an uncle had it was organ back normally it wasn't so rehearsing my shrinks augusta call how it was this crazy measures i just seen some i come across the street leading tremendously so i just i just try to hop on the forest googles is quote a thousand people though hingis trying to call nine one one man was huge we we know we picked up knuckle had believed it was from pawtucket uh laid ira later on in the evening yesterday does a terrible incident booth go ahead we are the we are than otherwise he's going to take that back province police identified the man now i'm reading from the providence journal killed last night and again of violent incident the latest deadly since the mayor made that knuckle had common last night jamal contraire us as you heard bill haberman talking about earlier twenty two years old of providence killed on a road right outside the harbourside campus of johnson wales university if you know where that is uh he had been in a dodge charger parked on michigan avenue i know exactly where that is at about seven thirty last night someone approached the car shot and killed him according to the providence police the texas continue to investigate no arrests have been reported victim taken to rhode island hospital determined that he had died from his injuries vert verdy said on tuesday on it's the police uh deputy chief police urged anyone with any information about the incident to contact directives a detective directly uh that's up at your kids going to johnson wales at the on a rhode island college of the hanging out over there very populated area pc itza this is i i truly think and i and i and i i making a point by saying the reported violence and i'm not saying that its unreported but certain things each kind of fall off go onto the radar deadly shooting right outside johnson wales university harbourside campus and amihai at the police are doing the jobs they're trying to keep up in the meantime i'm trying to get the mehran to come on the.

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