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That the Oklahoma Supreme Court says that you don't have to wear a massively rejected a request to to require everyone attending that rally to wear a mask and maintain social distancing inside the arena the court to rule that the to local residents of Tulsa who asked that the thousands at the rally be required to take precautions did not establish that they had a clear legal right to the relief that they sought I guess that would fall under the category of of standing meanwhile the mayor of Tulsa has rescinded a day old curfew which was put in place ahead of the Saturday night rally so is that the is our prologue let us talk now with the doctor Steve Hochi a position a radio host and best selling author to join us tonight there with his thoughts about the rally doctor hopes you thank you for being with us Jim Brady B. R. greetings from Houston Texas to you and your listeners much appreciated Sir all right let's just get an overview first of all is this rally a good idea or a bad idea well for Donald Trump I think it's a wonderful idea because they have use this coronavirus such there from the get go one of the reasons that we're gonna have all the social distancing in math they didn't work truck David morality would have these huge rally in every state they were have the democratic primary and I couldn't stand it so they had to come up with a scheme to keep people may have a rally she finally saw what they were doing when they had all their rallies over the last two to three weeks in support of of the situation that it occurred and it was sold to publishers a critic it's always fun the public health officials say will white to a superiority our white privilege is more dangerous than the cobra bars so you can protest you don't have to worry about social distancing really come on guys it's so obvious Hey Jim let me just tell you from my perspective I been in medicine forty four years I'm sixty nine years old I have a user health and wellness practice in Houston Texas with fifty five on staff we do natural approaches to help him win the coronavirus situation came up the first thing I thought about this is in January of this year first time I hear about it there's all almost all my desk is a Wall Street journal saying that two hundred people and shot from page two hundred people in China have a coronavirus inquiry of diet and I said to my personal assistant I said that's strange because in fact there was just one page article of more page article about all the problems with this coronavirus exit somebody's up to something if they have already had this thing mapped out I'll be good to go there to make this into something of course they did which I think was I called it the plant gimmick it is Greg again let me tell you what do you believe this or not it's the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American public and most people bought it bait hook line and what what what do you like particular fraud are we talking about obviously it is contagious and people do die I mean are you speaking of the of the notion of the shut down I'm just curious about what part of the fraud early the presence of the virus itself is not a fraud sure it brought to think it's like to be bionic leg of the two worst thing that's ever happened we we do we have every year fifty to seventy thousand people died of the flu every year in America and nobody closes down any schools nobody shuts down churches nobody makes you quarantine where mass this is all out of here to control the sheep in the country get I'm scared to death real rational clear man panic so that they would give up their civil constitutional rights that's what it's all about to socialize the country that's what it's about yeah there's a buyer get the mature I'm in I'm in forty four years in medicine I need emergency medicine I was I was in the emergency room full of people with Byram noble your back your old ammonia viral meningitis bacterial meningitis viral bacterial dysentery staph infections strep infection I never wore a mask one day I had eight kids okay mom I never quarantine nobody got anything one but all of a sudden so bad if you look at the statistics it's not near as bad as it is in a hyper inflated you know well about this game all the money they could look at New York compared to Texas there for death rates fifty times what correct this statistically that's an impossibility well not necessarily if in fact people are if this as good is as contagious as we are told it is of course in the in New York you have a lot of people who are crammed into the subway cars and the like a clearly the more urban the environment I can easily see where you would have a greater problem Sir fifty terms cobalt GM everybody knows what they did up there they they stacked the records Democrats states if you look at the Democrat compared to the Republican state they have a come to death right why would they why would the boat all of a sudden attack the Democrats still be understand that we're in but I I think that it probably has not attacked people on a partisan basis but we'll see what had its major impact principally on concentrations of population.

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