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I just give my opinions when they're asked for. I mean, if you keep watching that episode of main event to the second match, I wasn't seeing exactly glowing things about the B team right now either. As a matter of fact, I believe my quote was that they should call the B team the c team because all they do with any consistency is capitulate. Now, I'm sitting here and pointing out the consistent nature with which the beat team capitulates. I would say that that is just as bad as anything that. I've said about anybody. And it's I mean, it's it's my opinion. These people go out there, and they performed publicly in the ring. So what am I gonna do? They put themselves in positions to be judged. That's what you do when you become a public figure the same thing reason that I would say if any of them said, well, here's what I think of you as a commentator fine. I don't care. I put a I talked into a microphone for television. Everybody's allowed to have whatever opinion about me they want, but this idea that I should not be going out and giving my opinion is ridiculous. It makes it makes no sense. You don't think? If it had been no way Jose in a match instead of Dana, Brooke that I wouldn't have said the exact same thing or spoken along the exact same lines about no way. Jose. I mean, come on. What are you looking for? You should have seen my Twitter mentions this week. They were a ridiculous ridiculous. But no, this is what happens WWE says. Hey, come just give your opinion say what? However, you feel. Okay. I'm gonna tell you exactly how I feel about this. Because when you say just tell me how you feel I'm gonna tell you exactly how I feel then. That's it. No, more whatever you put in front of me. I'm gonna tell you how I feel about it. I'm not going to think about gender. I'm not going to think about it. And this is the I'm not going to think about rates anything about any of it. I'm going to think about the fact that I'm watching to superstars compete, and I'm going to tell you what I think about those superstars as superstars. And that's what I did. And that's why I can't imagine you would ever hear an apology from me. But I appreciate everybody that took the time to watch it whether you like it or not, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to be guest of the WWE again in the future at some point. Because I just love it. All right. All right. Let's move on to this week's state of wrestling. It's now time for this week's state of wrestling here. We are. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to this week's state of wrestling state of wrestling two hundred and thirty five let's get right to it. Of course. It's the top five stories of the week broken down. According to yours, truly the last professional broadcaster. Sam Roberts, by the way. I was. Talking about it. I think that this week Charlotte and Bailey may have had the best match of the week. I think after all the wrestling that I saw this week. Anyway, all arresting that was on television. I think Charlotte and Bailey might have had the best match of the entire week. All right. Let's get into our top five stories speak. And this is one of the things all actually everything here happened this week. Obviously, that's why we're talking about it now in the state of wrestling, it's a topical segment. Bray? Wyatt is story number five. So the answer of what was with the vulture puppet in the box..

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