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Big bazinga game second, don't really finish third. The legendary Dan Lloyd Zelle with the call of the 2013 running of the grey stakes at woodbine, amis holiday getting the victory and the meese holiday would go on to a brilliant career. After that victory at two, and there have been several horses to come through the gray stakes and go on to do some big things, including you might remember, Kentucky Derby winner, mine that bird who took the gray stakes in his two year old campaign and the gray being renewed later today at woodbine along with the mazarine stakes. It's a huge day of racing north of the border and to tell you more about it. I welcome in woodbine handicapper Jeff bratt here on the equine form on the horse racing radio network. Jeff, good morning. Good morning, Mike. It's actually going to be an unseasonably warm day in Toronto. So I'm very much looking forward to it. We've had our first snowfall that has now melted. So we're good to go for today's 11 race program. First snowfall. Look, we're not even into December yet. We'll be hearing about first snowfalls. Welcome to ked, my friend, especially Toronto, where the weather changes every 5 minutes. Yeah, it does, I'm glad it's going to be a beautiful day because you have those two outstanding stakes races. And let's just start Jeff. I mentioned a couple of big names. Mine that bird amis holiday. There have been some tremendous horses to come through these races and go on to do big things in their career. Yes, you're right about that. And it's kind of been all over the place in terms of schedule into it used to be earlier in the season and they moved it later in the year as well. And we have seen some big horses win this race in the past. I was actually looking back at last year, this race and the mazarin, the grill equivalents. And while the winners of these races from last year have not had great success this season, the also rans have done very well this year. So it's not only the winners that officially do very well, but it's horses that maybe finish second third and fourth but also do some good things next year as well. Yeah and folks will be treated to Robert Geller's call later this afternoon. You heard Dan Lois coming out of the break and I said this earlier, whenever he can work in calls from people like Dan Lloyd, you have to do it because he had such a unique voice and I know he's missed up there in Canada at woodbine racing fans are certainly missing him, but he's one of the best that ever did it. Great guy too. He still gives me a hard time pretty much on a weekly basis. He had tax. So he likes to give me a hard sign from time to time, but Danny's a great time. Lucky to call him a very good friend and he always brought up the crescendo in a race call. He kind of reminded me a little bit of a Dirk and you'd always brought it at the start off at a low cadence and then really brought the excitement throughout the race call. So yeah, and we missed the ending, but we're very lucky to have Robert two two totally different types of callers. But we've been very blessed to have some great race callers that would buy. Yeah, and two people very passionate about the sport, a thoroughbred racing. We'll talk about today's stakes races in a moment, but before we do, I want to just ask you about this past meet this summer into the fall. One horse that stands out to me when I think about woodbine 2022 is moira. And the queen's plate winner. So brilliant. And it proved that she was no fluke that day. And she was so good leading up to the queen's plate. What moments are going to stand out to you when you think back on the meat here in 2022? Yeah, you know, I mean, she's obviously right there in the mix of things, for sure. She's kind of had some epsom flows in her season because everything was going great until the EP Taylor and then she just had bad racing left in that race. She probably deserved a little bit better than what she got on that particular occasion, which was eventually disqualified for causing interference. And then she gets a bad draw on the breeder's cup and she was just too far off the pace and that day she came with a bit of a run there, but at least she saw that she belongs like at least she shows that she's competitive against the best of the best. I think next season she's going to be even better. And I think another storyline for me, Mike would be the presence of Canadian based horses and the breeders cup. Like Cheryl spites with a little more luck, maybe beats modern games, then you have really spite spear. She ran great for roger. She finished third in her race, Cairo consort ran well to finish the third place position like all these horses from whitby and then went down there. There were big prices, but they all ran well. So that's kind of one of the themes for me too as well. Just to see that our horses belong on the big stage as well. So it's pretty proud of that. Yeah, I agree with you. It was great to see. And I know it's going to continue into next year as well. 11 races carded for today, I'm visiting with woodbine handicapper Jeff bratt, who is going to walk through a couple of the stakes races for you. The two big ones, the gray stakes, and the mazarine, the gray grade three. It's going to be contested as race number three on the 11 race program. It's a 7 horse field mile in the 16th on the all weather and the favorites roll is going to go to hell, but bluebirds over ships in from Florida for trainer safi Joseph junior, is it hell and everybody else or are there some others in here that people should keep an eye on? Well, the problem is is that our Cassie has cross entered Phillies in the gray. So essentially what he's done is he's getting a free look see at both races, right? So he's entered some of the Phillies in the mazarine, these enter them in the gray as well. So I'll tell you this much. I don't know what race forever Dixie is going in, but she's a talented Philly. And she did not have a great trip last time out in the glorious song states with fish in second. She's out of a mayor that did a lot of good things. The fact that when the Prince of Wales takes, as a matter of fact, against the boys. So that family line is no stranger to being the boys. In terms of how, here's a bit of an interesting story, Mike, I was talking to the connections, he was a total mess when he came in because he was, he was so Scottish that eventually they had to cut them and now he's just he's so mature. Now he's so laid back now. I think it's going to have no problem going around the two turns, the replay in regards to bluebirds over that is so intriguing as he was really ranked when around the first turn at Gulfstream and rarely do two year olds overcome that when they're fighting the rider and they don't really want to settle. Not only did he settle, he won big. He won by a massive margin as well. So I think he focused on the two key contenders in that race. I'm just taking how because I think he's a little bit more seasoned at this point. But man, that was an impressive first career start for bluebirds over. Yeah, very, very impressive. And as you said, drew off the win by 8 lengths that day. Of the long shots. There were a couple that you say, all right, if things break their way, maybe they have the ability to pull this thing off. That would be more tourists for me on the inside. I think he beat a really good field. The third place manager came back and ran okay yesterday here at blind, but the way that motorists did it, like he just drew off on that occasion. It was the first time going around two turns. And I just was really impressed with how we ran that particular occasion.

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