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I agree with you and it's interesting i for my experience and i've practice pediatrics a little over thirty years now so i've seen a whole generation of kids grow up and the kids who start out being you know more on the grasses meaner side you know three four five six years of age aren't necessarily that way when they hit their teen years so i really want to encourage parents that that what you see in your preschooler or your early elementary aged child isn't necessarily the way they're going to end up so so to dive in there and really nurture kindness in your in your kids i think that's really important i'm so grateful that you alluded to that experiment you know we're living in a in a tough culture and while our culture would say we have micro gretchen classes for college students be nice be nice don't hurt anybody's feelings the truth matter is our culture's pretty tough how does our culture promote vote or not promote kindness in kids well fortunately there is something like a kindness movement afoot there's the choose kind movement that was actually simulated by the by the book wonder the film came out last november so wonderful chapter book for kids courage parents used as a read aloud and also to see the movie and it encourages kids to reach out to others including cancer victims of cruelty and school the moi in the movie and the voice of the book had a severe facial deformity many kids were brutally unkind to him at but there were some children who reached out befriended him and it made all the difference in his life so in there there is a reaction against the cruelty in our culture and effort to try to promote kindness in all all sorts of different ways and yet taken as a whole the culture is problematic it's it's increasingly violent culture school shootings have all had his reeling the the the news tends to highlight that integrated distorted perception of the world this is normal behavior we're living in an uncivil culture where are publicly.

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