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Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. We are at 7 15 and let's bring in Scott Jackson. All right, Dimitri MBA training camps or next week and today and his community event in Southeast Washington. Point guard John Wall gave a no comment when asked if he requested a trade for the Wizards Just last week course yesterday, general manager Tommy Sheppard said there were no plans to trade Wall. The Washington football team's opponent on Thanksgiving, the Dallas Cowboys, the cancer the practice today after a scary situation, strength and conditioning coordinator Marcus Paul was rushed to a local hospital this morning after apparent heart attack. Paul in Washington Ball coach Ron Rivera know each other Well, they were teammates with the Chicago Bears washing today, practicing without kicker Justin Hopkins dealing with a groin injury. Terry McLaren was limited with an ankle also limited safety two shades wherever it and tackle corneas. Lucas Ravens had to cancel practice. Today. They have five players and four staffers reportedly that have tested positive recovered 19 this week course they face the Steelers. Thanksgiving night. As of now, the NFL game says that game will go on college basketball gets under way. Tomorrow you be 1/4 rated team. Today She will play towels and at 1 30 of the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, the Terps will host Old Dominion at 2 P.m. and the Hoyas. POST you, NBC A big dinner. Read it for Scott Jackson. W T o p Sports coming up after traffic and weather an agreement reached to resurrect work on the Purple Line project. 7 17. Here's Michael Sara H. For you, director at the veteran's Health Administration on strategies for Effective data management in government sponsored by Veritas and Caress off, as you can imagine, in the agency's largest better self administration, we have just an endless stream of data sets many of those that we work to post on that attack of or to post for actively in response to use a request. Our goal is to get as much information out as quickly as possible. In the best format for our user community. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search Veritas Amid a global crisis..

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