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Neville, told us all the stuff, you said yesterday, you thought maybe with some gamesmanship and turns out the two players wanna down the two centrebacks outnumber, right? Were right there in the starting eleven. Yeah. I think it's always smart. I mean not. Say that they didn't. They weren't question marks and Mushin is how big are those. Like what was the font on those Russian marksman knows like nine ten or was fifteen and really doubt when you get knocked on the ankle it hurts in the movement. Like, when it's, it's not a sprain, like you had to play through the pain. So I'm not surprised at how and played the illness. So, you know, Milly bright, she was that said she got she got put a tough test today. It looked like she was told to shut down Graham Hanson, from Norway, and she definitely harried Hanson enough. The Hanson, probably had her worst performance of the World Cup. Even though she stills on the bulletin to just wasn't as effective with the ball. When we saw the Norway lineup is soon as it came out. We were know if it was in the green room or in one of these hallways here, you kinda hinted that you knew what the plan was going to be as soon as you saw the lineup. What did you mean by that? And do they get it wrong? So at lend they like to play a four four two. So when uplands not in the lineup you know, that's she come. She comes in the second half as a forward is one of the two, you know. That they're going to go more defensive because then they kinda still play or save now comes in for outland and she plays that right wing bat. Right. Mid and she does a lot of defensive tracking because what they're trying to do is shut down the wings. But on she plays more on the right hand side. So today, you could just tell it was more about Mindy, like I just think the, the ball movement was so incredible from England, especially Lucy bronze on the second goal Ellen white starts that. So this is what's Ellen white had a great game. But it's not just because we're finishing or even her dummy that she might say done that we all know she was probably trying to shoot it. It just went through a legs. But what she did is she got that ball off the back played it quick to Lucy bronze continue to run. And then Lucy bronze played that beautiful ball into parachute. Then let it go. I mean, it was just so worked that it was impressive in the Jill Scott. Right. That was another player who's played in three World Cups, and has now scored in every World Cup. She's played in, but it's really Hurley riding runs and the timing of those that's impeccable because. Offense. That's really tough to pick up and the midfield from Norway very similar to do their game against Nigeria could not keep up with the pace, not baseness early on, like overall quality or what I think of their careers. But if I had to pick a full were left in this competition right now based on today's form. I think I'd take Ellen white, and I include Alex Morgan in that. Do you think she's the best forward left on form? I think her ability find pockets of space and quickly released the ball and the accuracy that comes along with her being so composed. It's almost like the game slows down for her in the box because her ability to skipper, footwork right to hit at one time. And also, it's a quality of service is getting some excellent service, and then other times, she isn't she needs to take that a second touch, but that I touch controls the ball so well. So I think yell abra Bush wrote this, and she said, you know, the one thing in the always does. Well as it strikes the ball really, really. Well, there's the technique on the ball in terms of passing and straight driving. The ball is just so good. And I. You can see that Ellen white her on the half turn her with her back to goal. She just knows where to be, and she's calm in those big moments to put away. So right now, she is, as full Noah put droppable, and I think that's a really good adjective for. So we.

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