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Pick in the draft is gonna fall to doing all the way at 15. That's really remarkable. Who do you first see, though, the Jets deciding to move up and take this could be offensive. Very Tucker order. Shaw. Who do you like best? I like very Tucker is a slightly more versatile player. I like both them a lot, though. I think they're both frontline starters. You look at bear Tucker. I mean, he's a guard that could play a tackles. Well, 65 £305 out of USC, Dara Saul's. He's a soft smoking kid at from Virginia Tech. You just know immediately. He's a dude left tackle. Shut it down. We don't have to worry again. The biggest key in the biggest storyline with this trade is You got to protect the franchise quarterback have to you have to and you know they're going to be addressing some or needs. They have 34 as well. It'd be interesting to see what this cost them to move up with nine spots. Because they have 10 picks in his draft, and I'd be interested to see what they have to use Tol kind of ammunition out of used to move up. But I have been told that they if they're player fell between 14 and 15, and they would move up and get him in. You know those insider kind of tips where were true? He will join Mukai Beckton, who had a fantastic season. He's a guy that is certainly, you know, gonna really help anchor that offensive line. I do want to go back, though, to the pick that we just saw because I know you're really excited about response later. Think that he is is it's interesting because it felt like Panay School was just like leaps and bounds better, but he grated right on par with him as well. Slater is not as big and we do have information before we get to him that the Jets will receive The get the 14th pick right now In 1/4 rounder at 1 43. The Vikings get number 23 later in the first round, third round picks which are 66 86. So they gave up some that some assets to move up here to get a difference Maker on the offensive line back to the offensive line with Slater again 64 £308 little undersized, The one thing that stood out anybody will tell you Especially scouts breaking down tape because he opted out last year's what he did against Chase Young. That's how you match up right. Chase. Young went number two last year in the draft. But Slater is one of those guys that he's not gonna bull rush you. He's gonna beat you on angles. And you say yes, Like, what does that mean and beating you on angles As an offensive lineman. You always have you. That's what football is all about. Stand inside out, making sure that you're able to anchor. It's all about geometry, right, making sure that you're underneath inside hand wins. Make sure that you're underneath your helmet's Lord in their helmet, and it's all about being ever do that. He doesn't it. It looks like it's something that's easy to do, but it's something that's very difficult to do. As you have defenders that's always trying to change their inside leverage outside leverage. You have to stay patient with inside. He's he stays patient. He's violent. He has a strong punch, and he's super athletic. He has a bit of a main street. And you, you look at the family. Also, his dad played the MBA for a lot of years. He comes from an athletic family and talking to Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald last week about him, he said, quote. He's a high level athlete with a relentless work ethic, and he looks like he's floating in pass protection. And he's an amazing team made that I nicknamed Clark Kent. I'm like, Why'd you nickname in Clark Kent? He said. You go in the weight room. He's got these goofy rec spec looking glasses on. And on the back of his on his shoulders of the squad rack. He's throwing up a damn house and his teammates are all going crazy looking at that Superman strength, but he looks like a nerd, and I talked to one NFL scout, he said. Just turn on the Ohio State tape. Kevin, You just referenced this. When NFL scouts said he took Chase Young's heart go back and watching the second half where Chase Young lined up It was on the other side of Slater made the actually made Ohio State moving to the other side bets. That's exactly right. He played great, not game. That's when he got on the national stage. He was, in effect, really? Job of blocking Chase Young and when you're evaluating offensive lineman if you could defend and block Chase young, you could play in the NFL and also bears mentioning it at 41 sees well, here's the debt's paid 14th pick to the New York Jets. With the 14th pick in the 2021 NFL draft. The New York Jets select Elijah Vera Tucker. Guard. USC. No capers. First draft analysis there..

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