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We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory sure more it'll come on now everyone's get doing all the cameras in front of homes now right catch people all the time but we have an idea of a vehicle on this so this is the person who's accidental which would have incurred a manslaughter charge we'll just leave that one there those kids with ADHD who played the class clown this may or may not relate to your child aw but there's a unique relationship between having ADHD in playing the clown being funny theatrical and larger than life could be a natural benefit of adhd for many kids playing the role of entertainer is a way to use a strength to make up for their challenges now if it's done at the right time in the right way being a clown can be a social plus his kids often find their peers with ADHD funny and fun to be around but kids with aid the HD run the risk of overdoing it or being goofy at the wrong time and place like in the middle of class and when that happens they may get negative attention and they could drive other kids away so what you can do when you child acts out to get attention there are ways you can work on the behavior keep an eye on your child's behavior and look at the patterns share what you're seeing with the teacher so that can work together ask your child how things are going at school identify your child's strengths and give positive phrase help improve your child's self esteem in find activities your child enjoys and is good at so also kids sometimes need help under standing the consequences of their behavior they may not see the effect of their clowning around is having or they may feel embarrassed by their behavior but now I know what to do instead during a calm time talk to your child about how others are reacting and what would be a better way to act if you child's been clowning around to cover up challenges you might get a similar behavior when you try to talk about it you may have to I have a couple of shorter conversations instead of just one but space them out so your child has time to think about what you've said and how to do things differently and if you think your child might be struggling at school talk to your child's teacher because the teacher may be able to tell you about challenges your child is having I choose the hits home for me because I think I have a bencher ear a few hundred times about having a son who's you know active in school and going back and forth with the teacher about an assignment or two and teacher I think you and I were talking one year I'm in your office the phone rings and Teacher Calls me about my son not having his title or having the Thai but having it so low under his sweater so that it's not showing others I sound like what why are you doing the WII during this what like why are you bringing this negative attention because it's not like he's going to get home and mom and dad are gonNA be like hey I like the way that tie looks around your belly button great and the teacher really liked it too that's why they called us this is great telling you but some of it's also a face some of his some of it I think it also depends on the age that these things are happening okay let's face it we're both men we both were boys and you hit a certain point where you're just like testing testing every battle you are pushing there's always the pusher right and you're saying okay well XYZ teacher said this but I'm going to do that let's see if I can get away with right so then then the time is for them not to get away with it and learn okay some boundaries you can push you can pull that rope a little more we'll see if we meet around a little bit for you but other cases like in school now you do what the teacher says and that's it and that's it so this is like my parents ways of shows late night dot com with rich does that Hicks bigshot wants to get into Brian Grades Brain you're knocking it out the park I mean and this this might have been so far Bryan's best show I think so definitely Oh New York comic con came and gone and gone I would've gone this year just thought about it too late to that and the invites no-one said us the invited no gotta with all those spotify listeners don't want Senate doesn't know and writes about it we'll talk about it I mean we someone who to purchase my my thousand collection from the seventies right you know either that or the emails with by me and I don't know but didn't get a chance to go a bunch of people went a lot of you know New York comic con does not equal opportunity San Diego nowhere near nowhere near where they try and it's still fun you get the comedy the costumes yes you get the cows plan a get the statues and sculptures was it at the Javits against a nice space it's definitely worthy worthy location yeah you're always like criminal or chrome why not maybe next year but you know what I didn't lose any sleep because just like as new trailers were being released it was made available on the web immediately right you know I got an email today here's all the trailers that were released Oh really yeah oh my goodness this is great nice anything good for one the third walking dead series trailer was released in John Luc Picard his his his CBS all access right ABC CBS CBS all access on me killing you because I want my star trek well she I'd say this but I'm just going to go to the you turned on your vpn and you pointed yourself towards the UK and you fired up your net flicks right you get to see cvs all access shows on Netflix in fact did I say no I didn't well now that's good to know his way around everything your VPN is legitimate legitimate I mean I'm paying my provider for my new pitches turnaround and lose my us Lucia they're not saying okay enough to know but yeah I mean if not then you're paying for CBS all access and you know you get to the point of when am I really paying for what am I really paying for only thing I wanted was star Star Trek the discovery and like I said was named Picard regard which they ads are going up in smoke going up is meeting going up his you and I had these conversations though do we talk about this years ago I remember distinctly this can't be good for twenty eighteen twenty seventeen on the which you definitely heard it on the podcast that sweeping is something that's not good and it was kind of like make you know the cigarette all other stuff circumventing the system that teenagers would all of this type of stuff now all of a sudden everyone was like Oh this is not good there's people dying people are people are dying now granted in all fairness you know there are some reports are that the folks who have died or getting really ill are using non-approved vaping tools in innovates that ever vaping THC it is an oil and everyone says no do not vpn oil that's like one of the worst things you can do so some of these people are doing that not the manufacturer's fault but there's also a lot of people get sick just from just for the VP aspect of it I said how can constantly putting some moisture into your lungs be good for you that's more than the Monja that's that's what it's called that's called let's just keep it moist in here and let all kinds of stuff grow and then you're on top of it whatever flavor quote unquote is added into to burn to give it this tastes but it's artificial who knows what really is causing that flavor um I'm surprised we haven't because they don't have cigarette commercials anymore right cigarette commercials like at least we told you we kill you uh-huh oh my goodness so yeah it's those who I mean sure it it might have been a good alternative or as a way to eventually kick the cigarette habit with the safer than a cigarette possibly but then get off the vaping as well but if you're someone was out there who doesn't smoke and is not currently vaping don't don't think about starting to have it just just for your own health for your well being so of course all the usual suspects and CBS Warner Media Viacom all pulled e cigarette advertising off all their platforms so like you know websites and everything like that gone totally like like it never even happened strange now because now everyone is self righteous because that no no I'm not not even trying to be sarcastic but they are all of a sudden it's like oh while the money was pouring in we take it all we're gonNA take it all now there's health epidemic going on here with this you got the jewel CEO saying don't vape the currency or the one who's gone the one who's gone okay said stop vaping two point two million for jewel ads in just two weeks going up in smoke gone up literally literally it's crazy and I mean and of course we're not just picking jewel because there are the manufacturers of blue because ones yeah all these all these ads going on the next big thing be what will the next big unhealthy thing right exactly right now we we have people staring at the phones way too often I don't see how that would there's nothing going to be I don't know what's going to you know turn back you can enable screen time and everything else it's not gonNA help no and if you're an adult is not going to make a difference anyway so you can limit children's usage let you know the adults all of us with some folks who are in more than others constantly just like you said face in phone head leaned over and Rich I can go to well I can't go to the show but we can you know what it sounds like we found one I guess question for you because I posed it before are you planning to sign up for Disney plus next month I am closer every nice to have Disney Pixar Pixar I'll have pretty much everything that I would want for an additional service oh with a six bucks seven bucks something like that yeah looking for it I'm pretty sure I will be signing up for for Disney plus so in late night parents dot com we have already planning sign up for Disney plus next month says it just really quick deep dive here's some interesting finds about the survey about Disney.

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