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They add? And they always find somebody always somebody who's well, Jay Z to be in there is fantastic, Tina Turner. Of course, People are shocked with whether when they saw Tina Turner nominated and Carol Kickers like, Aren't they in? But of course, Carole King was in with her son writing partner, former husband, Gerry Goffin. The Tina Turner was in with I Yeah, yes, but now they're certainly deserves it. She's very much go. Dave rolled, who's coming in with the Foo Fighters is in for the second time because he's in with Nirvana. Couple of They're interesting notes. Billy Preston is getting a early influence or award. Remember Billy Preston he played He had a couple of big hits, but he was actually I didn't know that she was in Little Richard's touring band, and he played on Sam Cooke out Billy President's big hit. We used to sing something from nothing looking great something Yeah, you would know and l l cool J will receive the Musical Excellence Award for originality and influence. Music. All right, So just a couple of things those guys they were kind of funny. Nothing from nothing needs nothing. But okay, So Jeezy is made history as the first living solo rapper to be inducted into the record room. That's awesome. And getting in on his first year of eligibility, just like the go Go's and also the Foo Fighters. Okay, their first year of eligibility, and, as they said in the piece Dave Girl is in The record All Hall of Fame with Nirvana, Of course, Tina Turner as a solo artist Carole King Todd Rundgren. They have a couple of categories and when they were talking about Billy Preston record, you know why he's always why he's referred to is the fifth Beatle. Well s o in some of those later years, and I think this will come out in that Peter Jackson the letter B. He played as some keyboards, I think on like that, let it be album and stuff, and I think when you watch when they do that rooftop Performance. I want to say he's on keyboards. Yeah, All right, So he's s so people have been waiting a long time for Billy Preston. Roger Friedman said his manager, Joyce Moore, has been fighting to protect his legacy. Like what a great artist Okay that he was. Apparently Jay Z was Dead last in the fan voting that there were record Roll Hall of Fame does, But in the critic voting, they do performer category and then the early influence and then the musical. Excellent. Which is Randy Rhoads, Billy Preston. L L. Cool J. And, um, Iron Maiden did not get in there. People are mad about that. People are mad that the go go's got in there. Of course, I got all mad and I'm gonna be doing a vintage scandal on all of this because of course, share and sunny and share are still not in it are still not. Oh, I can't wait. This deserves has been to scandal segment. Yes. Yeah. You know, I was looking at some other snobs. No, George Michael know Mariah Carey also rage against the machine. Is that it? I don't know why they Don't call it the Music Hall of Fame. It does seem weird because it kind of like the popular Music Hall of Fame. But then do you need to bring in like Bing Crosby and story with why it's called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It Xev different Such a disconnect with the categories that I that I just think for the average, Yeah. Person. It's just should be called the Music Hall of Fame. Well, joy it is not, and it's not going to be called that. Well, I'm petitioning right now. Change dot org's Let's change it. Let's see. But there will be a ceremony this year. You know last year, Okay? Because last year wasn't it will be October. In Cleveland and, um what the New York dolls or not in it, Kate Bush. So people were like, all really and iron made nets where people were like, really fired up the go. Go's got him before those I would I can see that again, based on the name Back and Roll Hall of fame and can see it. Yeah, I see that The other one was Deveaux didn't make it or Mary Jane Blige, MJ Bridge and they've been eligible. Maybe they have a few years, but So anyway, so that is going on. I didn't You know, it was kind of surprising that it's the first time three women have been had to say at the same time, I know. Yeah, I know so so slow. On all of that. But, you know, I think you know, I'm happy for Tina. Not that she's gonna be there Anything but wait. Well, why would she go? I think too, that that go Go's documentary that people might watch my golden some. But why? What was so good? Why wouldn't Tina Turner be here? You have a stroke or something? He knew Turner. Is that going to be making any more public appearances? I don't think based on that documentary that we just saw her based on the I don't know that she has. I know. She has a lot of Health issues and everything but you know, she made a new appearance at the at the Broadway That was two years ago, Right? I mean, didn't you feel like Glory said like a den of that documentary. Seems like this is this is my last public appearance. Did she know she was going to be inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, though at the time when that went down, can do a video master. Whatever. I mean, Tina's Whatever. What do you think? And do they get to choose Who inducts them? Who do you think she'll pack? I want to be called, like, Don't know. I mean, that's the interesting thing Like, Who does Tina Turner?.

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