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Federalist society also confirmed this week is poem Mattie who previously served as legal counsel to X New Jersey. Republican Governor Chris Christie he'll serve on the US third circuit court in Philadelphia. Their confirmations mean one out of every five appeals court. Judges have been nominated by President Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union's obtained documents showing how immigration and customs enforcement has gained access to a vast surveillance database of billions of records on vehicle locations, and is using the data to track down undocumented immigrants the data gathers license plate numbers from red light and speed limit cameras. Toll booths parking lot surveillance cameras and other sources in order to track drivers with little or no federal oversight. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has called the program, quote massive for profit location tracking database and about the worst. I have ever heard of when it comes to Americans privacy and security. He said the federal prosecutors have launched a criminal probe into whether Facebook illegally shared the personal data of hundreds of millions of people with some of the world's largest technology companies. The New York Times reports grand jury New York has subpoenaed information from at least two prominent makers of smartphones and other devices related to the alleged privacy breach. This comes as Facebook faces a number of ongoing federal investigations, including a criminal probe into how Facebook gave personal data from some eighty seven million users to the firm Cambridge on Linda without their knowledge or consent, data the company used to sway voters to support President Donald Trump during the two thousand sixteen campaign, California, governor Gavin Newsom as signed an executive order putting a moratorium plans to execute more than seven hundred persons on death row in California. This governor Newsom speaking and Sacramento Wednesday to line people up to execute minuted state-sponsored executions one awake for over fourteen years. That's we can make where we can make. I think a more enlightened choice. To advance Justice in different way. It was a National Academy. Science report that came out that estimates one out of every twenty five people death row was innocent. If that's the case. That means if we move forward executing seven hundred thirty seven people in California, we will have executed roughly thirty people that are innocent. I don't know about you can't sign my name to that. The order does not abolish the death penalty in California. But will bend the practice during newsome's tenure former Texas congress member better Rourke announced today he's running for president in twenty twenty. Joining a crowded field of candidates for the democratic nomination in November rock drew national headlines, when he nearly defeated Republican incumbent Senator Ted Cruz bet your work is headed to Iowa today. The state is home to the first caucus of the twenty twenty presidential primary season. But to a rock has not committed to support two major legislative priorities of progressive Democrats Medicare for all and the green new deal and in New York City activists rallied outside federal court in Manhattan Wednesday where judges overseeing Puerto Rico's municipal bankruptcy proceedings. The largest such case in US history. The protesters are demanding judge Laura Taylor Swain. Cancel Puerto Rico, seventy two billion dollar debt. This is activist Nicole Torres Bruna. You have people to populating the island because their pensions are cut nearly in half. I know civil service people that if they are to retire tomorrow. They're only received forty two percent of their pension and governmental workers in the legal are not eligible for so security. So where does that leave them? There's more than three hundred schools have been closed in. Geico. This is nothing short of Wall Street abuse and tactical steps towards extermination, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy now democracy now dot org. Warren Patua port. I mean, he could. And I mean Shaef welcome to listen views around the country and around the world. Venezuelan officials are saying power will largely be restored by today after a long blackout across much of the country. The cause of the blackout remains in dispute, the United States blamed it on years of neglect of the Venezuelan energy system, but Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US military of launching a quote cyberattack against the electrical telecommunication and internet systems. The blackout comes amid growing political crisis in Venezuela as US-backed position groups attempt to complement doodles government. It's been nearly two months since position leader on though declared himself to be president with the backing of the United States on Monday. The United States announced its withdrawing remaining

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