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But i think also Especially in my job i i. I didn't win saying okay. i'm gonna. I'm gonna fight this guy unless i had you. Let's say knew something the game before and made me wanna fight him. He hit a guy hardy. He did something that was idiotic. And i had to make sure our team was going to be screwed with For me it was all about winning. It was all the winning the game. So if i had to first of all drawn into a penalty and take a punch and then fight him later. That was all part of the process. But it's all of a winning winning winning winning hockey and That's all that matters to me whether i won. The fight lost a fight. Whoever i fought it was the winning hakim in the day. And he's speaking of rob. Ray i mean you got traded. He's a former teammate of yours. You go out to dinner with him the night before and the next night. You drop in the gloves. Yeah i mean it's one of those things you never wanna fight. A friend is not something. That's comfortable like dinner. My house before But once once you get on the ice. I mean i at that time i was same for pittsburgh. Penguins he's playing for the buffalo sabres and you know the way the game progresses. It just happens. It's not like i set out or he said out 'cause he certainly didn't and we didn't like fighting's other ended up winning the fighters pretty close but it is what it is but you set forward and i try to assess this everyone. I was playing for the district penguins as much as i love my time for buffalo for seven years. I was there at that night. Pittsburgh penguins flavor buffalo sabres and he was doing the best for his team is doing the best for my team. We thought would help our team In any which way but definitely different different scenario when you have to fight one of your best friends i. It's very very different right. You got the friendship Away from the next however long. And you know it's wars war you've got to win the game So you you play kennedy playing youth hockey swear to go back to. Maybe you know back to the childhood a little bit With island hockey's pretty big hair. We produce you know fair amount of players from the island I grew up. Just north of the city. Hockey's very big there to hockey here is nothing like hockey's and canada. It definitely get for night. Coach might fund with the ninety eight played. We played against the long island goals with adam fox and Obviously charlie mcevoy. And jeremy bronco a lotta guys that are not even those three that went on to say d..

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