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A leaping grab is made peppers tackles and immediately the 15 yard line of the flag comes down. We'll interest went out of bounds and came back inbounds, okay? Goes for 22, but we have to wait to sort it out. I saw him across the field with his foot hitting a white strike against peppers, and it's on the side. Judge throw his hat off. Somebody went out of bounds number 89 of the offense was not gonna bounce legally, He came back in established. It was the first to touch as a result. It's an illegal touching or pass, which is a loss of down. Down. So he was legally knocked out. But It's still illegal. Yeah, I'm not sure about. Is that correct explanation? Yeah. John, how's he just gave us so it backs up the Ravens. I think what he meant to say his Andrews went out on his own accord and came back in. It was the first to touch. Yeah, it's the right call. In other words, with the giant player did was not illegal, right and Andrews. It's illegal, touching fake handoff run up the middle breaks to the outside, and perhaps a big time touchdown saving tackle made by Joe Broke Peppers is he tackles Jackson and after a seven yard game, Lamar Jackson had some Some get up on that run. He was breaking to the sideline and peppers with a terrific tackle. It is a first down with 29 seconds to go. The Ravens use a time out seven carries 48 yards. Well, he's just he's just Complete control of the game. How we seen it how he's calling the game. The accuracy that play right there. Just the athleticism and Lamar wants. He doesn't want to be good. He wants to be great. And you want to be great. You wanna finish drives like this? Got Dobbins to his right first instead of the 30, the Giants 27 seconds to go scrambling around. Pressure to his right is gonna throw it away to the giant sideline. Take it out by Leonard Williams chased is well by Carter Coughlin, who was coming up.

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