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Oh I think that this was that the whole Cova thing has a lot of purposes but the number one purpose in the way it was handled the timing is that there was a ten trillion dollar debt crisis coming. That was a result of the can't kick from two, thousand eight. It was an eleven year expansion and the interest rate was at two percent normally normally. Expansion is not eleven years and when it comes to an end and you have a retraction recession, the interest rate is seven percent and they lowered by five percent at two percent. There is no place for it to go. So they had to do something I thought they were going to kick the cancel after the election. So trump would have four years to crash the economy take the blame ruin Republicans forever, Yada Yada. Could make it. So. The whole thing is about this usage debt crisis, and if you look at all these stimulus packages, that's something like one, hundred, billion dollars going to public healthcare. Is a health crisis you know and it's all going to buy debt. So. I don't say has been. Yeah. It would have been as big as they could make it. They needed to said. Yeah. So do you think? Like what's your take on what Corona viruses? You think it's real easy has overblown. You think it's fake I have said from the beginning. My understanding. Why people in the realize it's called germ theory. My understanding. This is what I said. The first time somebody asked me that question in February. So people were still like people were alternating between, it's real or it's a bioweapon. They said, I'm not sure they could actually get A. To do what they're saying this is going to do. So I was never really scared unless they were GonNa you know lace it with bacteria or put everybody on ventilators like you know whatever it is that they're gonNa do to actually hurt people that is something to be afraid of, but I don't think it's bioweapon I. The CDC of was in the meeting with the CDC of us when they plotted this thing in. Easy. So I understand that we're going to have a Cold War with China but that doesn't mean that they're not in on it. It says, we want it. Why wouldn't they want it? They have the same problem crisis to. Do you know in the tens of trillions of dollars in Asia do you view us in some like what sort of conflict? With China, a Cold War, like you said, financial war like what do you think are? With China now. Yeah. I think it's A. I. Think it's a show and I'll tell you why I think. It's real. It's real but it's theatrical. It's like theater where these real bullets. It's one one take. So, and this is why Because when I saw the, if you want to go to the Rockfeller James Corbett has a great. Expose on Rockefeller and the Chinese and Nixon and all that stuff and how we create a China wore short we could have created Thailand. But we didn't we created China like, Thailand, if I understand correctly did not have the same access to our markets that China because China with their cheap labor. Yes. They crushed our stuff but I think I believe this is true and have to triple check. But that we restrain some of those other some Southeast Asian countries from competing. With their cheap labor so we created China. and. So I've always kind of felt like there's probably. I'll give you an Iranian example, but there's probably people who are for reels in China. Really WanNA. They probably have to deal with that problem people were in league with the world powers and people aren't at different levels society. But when I saw Hong Kong coming down. And found out through some Ron Paul articles, Rand Paul, and stuff like that. You have to the National Endowment for Democracy, which is a front of the CIA whatever was behind a lot of that stuff and. SOCIL- yeah. Yes. So. What extent are they involved? That's one thing that I hadn't heard about Hong Kong like National Dama for. How to what extent is it in their leadership or? Well when you see people in. Disguises. Handing out, I think. It's the same thing that happened in Portland which my Oho. sprinkly predicted that that Hong Congress was a teaching the world had protest. I believe they had the same thing where someone was handing out frozen water bottles. To throw. So so they have that happened in Libya tapping and Portland not I don't know if it was frozen water. Libya seems impractical by those pallets of bricks as well that the been in I'm not sure that was verified. So that could have been something that was there to as a plan to get people to be debunked I don't know but the the ice water was for sure there goes through window. And so so the Hong Kong thing was at high level because we know the National Endowment of actually was involved and it was at a low level because you had these agents provocateur on the grounds. Same thing happened co Intel pro like we've got the people on the ground. We've got the people at the top, but here's the thing about Hong Kong I said, okay we are really undermining China with this stuff that we're doing in Hong Kong that's one possibility or we're helping China absorbed Hong Kong before twenty, forty seven that's another possibility, and then we produced and pass. Legislation that said as long as Hong Kong is having civil unrest, we will no longer treat them favorably. So it's done. So, then Hong Kong only hope is the thing that Hong Kong loves about being Hong. Kong. And the thing that has going. So twenty forty seven is that it has a different relationship with rest Laura. Woods we and others have used their protests to to neutralize those advantages and at the same time China is saying if this unrest continues, we're going to have to simply absorb Hong Kong. We simply if you're not going to accept the two systems, one country, you're breaking the deal. And I think that's where it's headed. So that confirms my suspicion that where it really counts we are in league we not mean to me but the people who run Pelosi and trump that level those guys also run. Enough of China to actually get it done and if you watch events to a one, they say, if you want your officials to do stuff, you get there rich people to give them a call us soft power I mean I'm practically quoting. And so like with Iran the Sulejmani who killed and Iran did not actually retaliate and then admitted to some botched missile thing which seemed like a sigh from the beginning that we were in on and they were in on. Concluded or speculated that so mani was a real dude. He was a real Iranian maybe psychopath but he was a real dude and Rouhani who was educated in Scotland and runs Iran was like we gotta get rid of the real dudes because how am I gonNa make back back alley deals with the Great Satan. Everybody needs a great Satan. We got them, they add us. Oh yeah that's that's. I mean. That's the thing that's. Cool about your takes you. You're not really it'd be a mistake to say that I I know for sure what happened like you've never met Sola Mani You? Never. Do is try to figure out the things that we know and how it might actually make sense in my world view, which in all the Times I've looked at it honestly revised it and tweaked it has never really blown up my worldview seems to be a valid. Structure on which to evaluate how the world works until something else comes along to make it something make more sense when I plug that stuff in I can take the information that's in the news and propaganda and try to discern facts than evidence from total bull, and then take those facts and say, well, what, what could the purpose be here and I remember with Ferguson? I couldn't figure out what the purpose wasn't I said I think they're going to try to pull back on policing because the crime rates are just way too love. Prior rates have been plummeting since the nineties and they just need to scare people so that that government needs fear and that's exactly what happened look at what's happening. It's all about pulling back on the police so that you can get a federal police force that. You can get all subba question about that actually heard you mentioned that on your show. So so okay, kind of the big picture question. I'm kind of to ask him about a little bit is like urine an cap I would like to be an an cap. One of the reasons I'm not as because I don't see it happening without waking up millions and millions like hitting critical mass, very hard to go to a stateless society. Gun Laws are not the way me your type like it.

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